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You know, originally I thought the game was meh, but like for 2 days and a first time this was actually really amazing <3 I had way more fun collecting oreos then I thought I should have?

What font is this? It looks cool!

That makes sense.

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Dude, did you make a new account just to upvote this?

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Hey there! Don't take my feedback too seriously! I just want to help. This game looks extremely rushed. There are no sprites, and as far as I can tell no real plot (Except for Escape the space prison!)

The dialogue boxes aren't capitalized or punctuated correctly. Every "Dead End" brings you back to the start. Overall a really, really bland game. Looking at your other games shows me this is your main game style.

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I recommend this program to get started with pixel art:

If you don't want to pay for it here is a free duplicate version:

Also, no sound effects.

Just a reminder: THIS IS A WEEK LONG JAM not a 3 hour one.

Is it just me, or is Karlson lookin kinda THICC!