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Nice gameplay, simple but addictive :-)

Could you do that also: open a terminal (lookup on the internet how to do that on Windows) and type java -version and then copy paste me the result.

Thanks for the bug reports Numbers! Indeed all things look like bugs. Regarding bug 3 I suppose it has to do with the inventory's capacity. If the inventory is nearly full, runics created won't get added to it; without warning the player.. doh not very nice. Regarding bug 1, the fix should be easy.

Onto bug 4, I suppose it has to do with the version of java shipped with Dungeon Mercenary. Dungeon Mercenary's desktop version embeds a Java 8 virtual machine, but Java 8 is now circa 5 years old and your system may refuse running it. Can you tell me your operating system details? A very-likely-to-work solution would be to install Java 8 on your system and launch Dungeon Mercenary using the file named dm-18-04-30.jar in the downloads (which is flagged Linux but can actually work on all three OSes) by executing java -jar dm-18-04-30.jar in Windows' terminal.

You're experiencing the game's true balance here! The point of runics is that you should try to go as deep as possible without using them, so that you can use them on a powerful item that will make you reach the endgame. The point of this mechanic is that new players can burn their runics early on, so that they go a little bit further that they would do without runics. Experienced players, on the other hand, should try to keep the runics as deep as possible.

Regarding forges, there's a 1/8 chance to have a forge at a given level; except for the first level where there's always a forge. I believe it's the past it was 1/6.

Thank you blightor for leaving a comment! I bought the tiles to this artist:

That is why you can find a number of games with these tiles.

Rogue vs Evil is kind of Dungeon Mercenary with tiles :-) although I simplified some mechanics (I removed runes combination for example) which were too hard to describe with text.

Thank you for the nice words xyncht! It's always nice to hear from players!

Well there's a way to avoid getting killed, don't get adjacent to it :-) Upon generating a death mage, the game will have made sure you have the tooling to kill an enemy from a distance (such as a bomb). Of course you can use this tooling before and then you'll be in the doo-doo; but roguelikes in general are about experience. After a few run, you'll learn where the death mage (if any) spawns approximately. In your screenshot you indeed seemed well equipped to deal with it. Did you think of using your dash move to get away?
Anyway, thanks for your comment. I'll take it into account for a future release (if any).

Haha that's cool, I suppose I don't check whether teleportation's destination cell contains a monster. If yes, my code records the player's position to be the monsters' position, that's why you take control of the orc. It's actually pretty nice to see that this works, in a weird way, it means the code shares well the algorithms that are common to monsters and the player!

Thanks for the detailed comment Numbers! It's the kind of comment that would make me go back to my code editor and continue developing Dungeon Mercenary ^^

Doors... yeah doors are tricky, to mitigate the issue you can burn doors down using (if I recall correctly) all fire-based spells (dragon breath, firebolt). Regardings rats, they don't have super powers, it's weird you witness a difference between rats and other monsters.

Regarding the loot, the game is intentionally giving a bit more loot in the beginning, to be "more" noob-friendly. Later on the game makes sure you'll get sufficient loot (if the random generation is too scarce for a few levels, it'll get corrected deep down the dungeon).

Regarding the Force runic, what you're expecting is correct. The more powerful the Force runic, the longer the distance you can push things with, and damage is correlated with the distance; so you should observe that a more powerful Force runic should do more damage. If not there's a bug.

Regarding teleport, thanks for the report; I've never heard this bug before.

Regarding spells being a bit too powerful, that's true. It's really difficult to balance correctly a game like Dungeon Mercenary. Given that I did not do that many iterations, I'm quite happy with the balance. You can think of the spells builds being the "easy" mode while closed-combat builds being more difficult.

Once again, thank you very for your thorough analysis! That's comments like yours that keep small indie devs like me going.

Hey cool, you've battled and liked some of the most powerful monsters (and so the most untested ones!), that's nice to hear. I guess the popups are about achievements and maybe suggestions (likedrink your health potion, you're in danger). I suppose going to the main menu (escape) and going back (resume) would get rid of those.

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I'll reply here also then :-) I'm happy you could play it, in the browser I guess ? I developed the game with Java 8 and a few players experienced difficulties with more recent versions (on desktop); just to let you - and others - know.

I'm happy you had a good experience, indeed I believe the game requires the player to test and try, to know what to do; and then the experience starts becoming appealing. Try the class conjuror of cheap tricks, it's the most fun one I believe :-)

Thanks FrothFrenzy for these gentle words, they are always appreciated! I'm happy you had some fun, that's the point of gaming after all ^^

Hi blascymot, thanks for taking the time to write! Maybe my postmortem post made you think I was feeling bitter, but I don't :-) I started gamedev because it was a lot of fun. I was aiming for a time consuming game knowingly (i.e. roguelike) because that's the kind of games I wanted to code, I didn't want to do other games beforehand; it wouldn't have been fun.

After three years of coding games, the fun of coding was mostly gone, I had learnt a lot in the framework I was using (and didn't want to try others as I don't have the time resource); and the reward aspect of gamedev wasn't worth it; hence I stopped developing :-) And 4 months later I do not regret it at all ^^ I've read a lot of great books thanks to stopping gamedev, I've redone HL1 solo and I'm on the way of finishing Opposing Force; things that make me happier than coding games ^^

Is there a demo available ?

Thanks for leaving a word Iram  :-) I'm enjoying the time off and found "Patient Rogue" by looking at your profile, thanks man!

Nice, I'll give it a try on Linux then :-) and I'll make sure to report back :-)

Doh :-( Would you mind giving a try with the wine emulator ? It makes a lot of games run flawlessly on Linux! I can give it a try if you have a demo/alpha build available.

Looks superb! Will a Linux version be available ?

Thanks Hectic for the kind words! It is indeed difficult to maintain an audience, but what I found the hardest was to cope with the fact that there is almost no audience beyond the initial release peak. My games - like many games out there - got buried very quick :-(

Hehe that' true :-) Thanks for the kind word. I'm definitely enjoying the retirement so far (one week ^^) :-)

Thank ChilliTech. Sadly this game did not receive enough positive feedback for me to pursue its development so the last update is likely the last. Thanks for leaving a comment!

It is not planned at the moment, although I do still support an ASCII backend in my codebase (which is shared between Rogue vs Evil and Dungeon Mercenary). Dungeon Mercenary is a difficult game to extend because of the complex runic boost mechanism. For example, having complete descriptions of the effect of runics (and of applying runics) requires a lot of code and maintenance when things change :-( It's one of the reasons you cannot boost items in Rogue vs Evil.

I've never played Ultima, but heard lots of good about it.

Nice :-) Any pic of your game ?

I've released the first demo of my second game (after Dungeon Mercenary): Rogue vs Evil which you can try out here: It is exclusive to itch!

It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and is playable in browser.

Rogue vs Evil is a turn by turn dungeon crawling pixelart game where progression is achieved through items and skills (the latter being unavailable in the demo). There is no permadeath, if you lose in a dungeon you will be able to restart from this dungeon (but your progression through this dungeon's levels is lost). Items include weapons, armors, shields, bombs, potions, spells, rings, and keys.

It is inspired by brogue and Sil. From the former I took inspiration from the runic system (the idea that made me wrote games was that I wanted to play a broguelike where runics were more important) while from the latter I took inspiration from the combat mechanics (attack and evasion).

There is no class system, your playstyle will be made through the items you choose to keep and the skills you pick. The inventory is intentionally small, to force choices on you.

The first two dungeons are playable at the moment. Until the full game release (planned June 4th 2019), I will work on adding miniquests to later dungeons; a miniquest being a special room, a lever that activates something, an ally to rescue, etc. I will also work on the controls, I want to add more buttons to the game screen to better fit players that aren't keyboard heavy.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will enjoy the game. Any comment and/or feedback and/or roasting will be appreciated!

Love to all roguelike players ♥

Do you know what ? I was planning to release my next game in June 2019 and thought back on your comment. It pumped me up to release a demo version much before, because well, the game is entirely playable already; coming soon to itch!

Thanks Hectic. There is no stealth aspect for the player, solely the distance of your vision may vary - as you've seen - and this distance is used for throwing stuff and casting some spells, so the longer the better (no pun intended :-). The only stealth aspect is that, if a goblin ninja attacks you - while not being revealed yet - he'll hit automatically.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the support :-)

In that set, there's less autotiling, there are just 2 different walls (as to whether there's a wall to the south or not); so my code supports the two versions. I don't intend to make autotiling as complex as in the more detailed tileset.
Good catch :-) The pixelart version of the game will be a different game, because it won't be a single dungeon and some of the game core mechanics have changed (melee/ranged attacks hit system). The new system is easier to understand and easier to present, so that it is easier for me to internationalize the game. Previously it was impossible (because there were a lot of walls of texts).

It's unclear whether my next game will support ASCII rendering (keyboard character graphics) as I'm focusing on the tiles display. But there are a ton of games with ASCII graphics (akin "roguelike"), for example check out brogue: or Sil: They do not require expensive hardware nor disk space! And they are really awesome games (check out "cataclysm DDA" too for a zombie setting).

This is an excellent idea! I'm working on my next game where there will be a tree of skills (as in Diablo 2 for example) and this makes sense in the list of skills. Or else for long I've been thinking of "domination" spell that lets the player try to turn wounded enemies into allies, and the dragonist could have a bonus when using it on dragons.. Thanks for the suggestion :-)

And done!

Hi again Sheriour, thanks for commenting! Yes I've thought about it and will change the background at least for allies. I'm unsure about the color. I'll either go for blue or green for the allies (likely blue, because green is temporarily used to color the bar when you drink a life potion). For the player, I don't know yet. Maybe being always at the top suffices to make it clearer ?

I agree it would open up many possibilities! Because of how the game is coded, it wouldn't be possible to add monsters or items, it would only be possible to modify the existing ones; but that would be nice already. It'd also require extra work to be able to load those maps from the game (such as a menu to load a list of maps, to do kind of a campaign), but nothing difficult.

(1 edit)

Actually there are 3 hardcoded maps that are simply loaded from text files:

There is no way to plug other maps right now but it wouldn't be too much work.

And I guess there are open source maps editors to which I could plug too, it's just hasn't been high on my priority list :-(

Thanks for you opinion. I'll soon post screenshots of the "what you see bar" being vertical and on the right, where there's less space to display the monsters' names, so I'll see. It can be an option to turn them ON or OFF since it is easy to do.

Yes the point was that you could click on the UI even on a phone. The game is Android compatible. Even though I haven't tested in almost 2 years on a phone, I've made sure it stayed compatible.

Thanks for the translation offer :-) It is noted!

Regarding the text, I believe "increase by" and "increase to" have different meanings; I use "increase by" to denote that the existing amount is increased by some additive value; whereas "increase to" would denote the total right away. I mean: 5 increased by 10 is 15, which corresponds to "increased to 15". Or did you mean that I meant "increased to" in the text ?

Interesting! I plan to put this "what you see bar" vertically afterwards, to the screen's right; that is why I removed enemy names: when it will be vertical, width will be reduced. Do you come from an "ASCII" roguelike community ? I wonder if more "classical" gamers would like to keep the text too.