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I did not expect to sit down and binge this in a few hours, but it just about made me cry. If you're reading this wondering if you should play, give it a whirl. The story revolves around Emily, who's a young woman in a very dysfunctional family trying to keep everyone together. I grew up in an eerily similar situation, and it's almost funny how accurate some parts of the story are. Specifically, the combination of caring and resentment towards the mother, the alliance-like relationship of the siblings, the perspective of the absentee dad, and the realism of the lack of support from schools. 

Sure, the graphics aren't all that great, but the story and the characters completely make up for it in my opinion. I got the Super Good ending the first try (because I've lived this situation lol), and while the romance plot leaves a little to be desired, I can't honestly say that I wasn't tearing up a bit at the conclusion. I like this game very much, so thank you to everyone that worked on it.