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A member registered Nov 27, 2018

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Really enjoyed the demo. It was quite short, but definitely does have us interested in playing the full game

It's pretty fun, but gets repetitive and has a few odd bugs. The ratings seem pretty off as well, but overall, a fun game with a lot of potential!

Happy to see an update (albeit not a major one). Can't wait for the full game

It's a hilariously wonky game! Shorter than expected though.

#Relatable. A really interesting concept. We had a lot of fun playing this!

Pretty funny stuff! Lot's of great options here. Had some pretty great laughs.

Getting past the first monster was weirdly inconsistent for us. Overall some really unsettling vibes once you get past it. Felt some serious Silent Hill vibes there.

Extremely scary and fantastic remake of the original PT.

Much shorter than we had expected, but at least they acknowledge it.

Definitely could use some polish, but overall an interesting experience. Felt more like an interactive story than a full on game.