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Woah suddenly so many people are downloading Labrat! I have no idea where you come from but thank you so much everyone, it means a ton to me!! γƒ½(γƒ»βˆ€γƒ»)οΎ‰

Unfortunately I've been absent for a while now as I'm focusing on my studies, but as soon as I'm done with the exams I'll be back on it full throttle!

Seeing how many hits this is getting the past couple of days I'm super motivated to study hard so I can get back to working on Labrat as soon as possible! I have a lot of plans for it (I've established what I want to do with the narrative!), so there will be a lot of new content soon. Again, thanks for giving this early demo a chance and thank you for your patience! 

Loved the video! Thank you so much for playing and recording :) 

Currently there is no music or sounds, by the way, but hopefully there will be soon! 

I'll also note that the current build changed a lot of things than what you've had the chance to play - a lot of the earlier jumps should now be much easier. 

Thanks a bunch again!


  • Fixed the crash on the rocket level.
  • Fixed the game not properly scaling up to the screen resolution on android.
  • Fixed the collisions on the fire chain.
  • Made some tweaks to the rocket level, overall reduced the difficulty - should be more fair now.
  • Redesigned the third level, while it's still my least favorite one, it makes a bit more sense now.
  • Redesigned the beginning of the second level, you now start with Blink.
  • Moved that one spike from the last level up, Blinking through the first wall should be much easier.
    • the ceiling also collapses a tiny bit slower.
  • Reduced the amount of Time Freeze charges from 3 to 2.
    • the lava rises a tiny bit slower in the screen wrap stage to remedy this.
  • The fireballs no longer fade in opacity.
  • Increased the coin vacuum range from 10 to 15.


  • Polishing the difficulty curve - made the earlier sections way easier, as well as redesigning pretty much every level.
  • Time stop ability has been tweaked:
    • duration +1s,
    • cooldown +1s,
    • now it increasingly slows you down over the duration,
    • leaves a trail of afterimages and turns the world to sepia (I'm toying around with shaders so there's that)

  • The button icons now popup when you get a new ability, hopefully to help players realize that they just got a new ability
  • A new area with a new mechanic - you can now ride a rocket (still very much wip)

  • New animations for blinking

OBS + Ezgif, easy video to gif conversion + optimization. Saved me years off my life probably.

 ShareX for less precise gifs and screencaps.

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Scratch is perfect for itch! Sorry, I'll see myself out.

Horrible jokes aside, welcome! Best of luck on your big project!

Hi! Love your ambient series, they're very calming and they remind me of that Mountain thing from awhile back. Great stuff!

Saw your video on Void Runner and enjoyed it very much. Gonna try and catch you on stream sometime! :')

Alpha 0.1.9

A very small update getting rid of the placeholder player sprite - I barely started learning and practicing pixel art and felt inclined to use my own art for the player character. It still only has a very rough running animation, but I plan on improving it as I get better at doing pixel art. 

Oh and dust particles are finally in! 

Portal 1/2 - Still sticks with me as one of the greatest games I've ever played.

Iconoclasts - Made by a single guy over 7 years, it is nothing short of a masterpiece. He absolutely nailed the art, the music, the characters, the game design and the story, a truly remarkable title.

Furi - The best boss rush game I've played. I love the atmosphere and the feeling of the whole experience. Very fun and challenging, great visuals and character designs.

IWBTG - I can't say much here. Objectively certainly not a good game, it manages to defy every game design point but it is extremely dear to me.  

Alice: Madness Returns - Love the aesthetics and the atmosphere.  

Nier (2010) - I'm probably one of the very few people who enjoyed the original game much more than Automata.

And of course, the obligatory Soulsborne series, 2d anime fighters (melty blood, guilty gear, blazblue, uniel etc), and probably a few more games that I can't think of right now.

Thank you so much! 

I'm still unsure whether I want the game to be available on Windows or not, so that is one reason why the Windows port is kinda sloppy :p If I do decide to go through it in the end, I'll definitely keep those things in mind!

A new player sprite should be coming soon, it's going to be primarily white/gray so hopefully that should be enough to make it way easier to tell where the player is at all times - if not I'll have to make more adjustments (the coin collection sequence is the first in line). This is too important not to make big compromises either way, so it has priority over everything else :) 

And thank you again so much for taking the time out of your day to play a silly game like this, it means a ton to me! I'm very happy that you liked it - I'll try my best to improve it further! :')

I mean, to be honest, if a site feature really bothers you, you can get uBlock and block the element on your side.  I don't think that everyone else should lose the feature just because you don't like it, especially if it's a really helpful one like this.

Thanks for also keeping the option for us who like the feature (for the time being) :p 

Good luck on coming up with a more universally agreeable iteration!

Welcome! There's a discord server you can hop on here: https://discord.gg/bBTZGTb 

Will there be spaghetti in your game? I sure do love spaghetti.

Welcome to itch! Best of luck on your project.

Good luck on your future endeavors! 

Loved this! The track on the last level is weirdly satisfying to listen to haha

I was hoping that there would be a performance report I could screenshot, as I think I did quite well and I want to brag :p 

Overall I like the improvements you made to the game from the demo! It was a pleasant experience playing through it again.  If I had to point out something that bothered me, it would be controls, as I don't think they were tight enough for a platformer like this. 


Thanks for playing! I'm so glad to hear that it runs smoothly, thank you for testing it out on android :')


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Perhaps Game Maker might be a good pick. It's very beginner friendly and is perfect for 2D games such as the ones you mentioned. It also has a ton of great youtube tutorials (Shaun Spalding is my recommendation).

Happy coding!

Welcome to itch.io! Everyone sucks at first, just keep at it and don't give up - you'll be an expert in no time. :p

Welcome to itch.io! 

Have you thought about what engine are you gonna be learning first? 

Cheers :')

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For a long time I wanted to make an unofficial spiritual successor to Revenge of the Sunfish. I'll probably do it some day, until then you might want to google that one out.

Hi and welcome! I like your art style, Confession looks really interesting. :)

Welcome to itch! I found myself enjoying your videos so keep them coming! :D

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Alpha 0.1.7

Acting on the feedback I've received, here are the most important changes in this small patch:

  • Z and X is now displayed on screen below the ability icons for the Windows build. In the previous build, I noted on the game page that they are bound to left/right screen respectively, but it's no excuse -  because of this, some of you played the game with a mouse. My apologies!
  • The first, second and third level all received small changes to make them a bit more lenient - thanks to everyone who pointed out the things that didn't fit the difficulty curve. 
  • Added placeholder tiles to the third level so it's not so painful to look at
  • The swap blocks should be less likely to kill you - I've changed the amount of pixels you have to be inside them when they change so it's less punishing 
  • Halved the amount of camera snap back on death
  • GUI should now properly scale to your resolution
  • Made menu text more readable

Things that I've received feedback about but are not implemented yet:

  • Fix a bug where you can get stuck inside the corner of a swap block
  • A level between the first and second - currently the difficulty curve is a bit too steep 
  • More checkpoints - not entirely sure where would be best to squeeze them, but I'll think of something
  • No sound, this is mandatory, but I still haven't took the time to find some nice free sound assets
  • Revisit the first screen of the first level. Make the fact that you can double jump more obvious. I spent a lot of time doing this already, but I was told that it isn't enough! I want to avoid textboxes at all cost, so I'll have look into adding more visual cues
  • Maybe make the blood effect rainbow colored to make it suitable for children or disable it altogether

Thank you everyone for sending these extremely valuable points of criticism! 

Your best bet is probably contacting the creator of the game. 

This looks fantastic. You might want to consider dropping the "(very early)" as it might give people the wrong impression - this looks better than a lot of almost finished projects :p 

I gave it a try the other day and it is really fun. Keep up the great work!

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That looks very fun! Very graphically pleasing as well.

Keep up the great work!

1) This doesn't sound like good game design, to be honest. I'm trying to imagine a concept like this, and all it does is cause confusion or even frustration. Navigating through cities on essentially a random mechanic doesn't seem like something that would be fun, or add to overall gameplay. 

2) I like this approach a lot more! This is an interesting concept and I feel like utilizing it gives off a "chaotic, unstable" vibe for the world. If done in moderation, of course.

Assuming you have access to the email associated with your itch.io account, feel free to log out and use https://itch.io/user/forgot-password 

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I can tell you that you're on the right tracks. Local storage is the way to go, so go ahead read on that :)

As for my experience, I did a bit of web games years ago when HTML5 wasn't a thing - so you'd usually go for cookies to save and load data. Cookies were very easy to implement but are a mess to work with.

Hey, the game sounds interesting. But I believe you should have posted this in Release Announcements, as your thread doesn't look like a devlog. 

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Hey! It takes  a bit some time for the /jam page to update as there's quite a lot of content. Your gamejam has since appeared there!

Good luck on your jam!

My apologies, but could you elaborate a bit what do you mean by integration into itch? What are you trying to achieve? 

Love the neons. It was fun.

itch.io Community » Game Development · Created a new topic Labrat
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Alpha 0.1.6

A windows build is up! The game is still designed to be a mobile game, but I realized that persuading people to first download the .apk and then transfer it to their phone and then install it is rather difficult. So have a downloadable .exe! 

  • Title screen! Not nearly final, but it's something for now
  • Main menu! This version comes with improvements to the menu system, it should be way more responsive and not misbehave
  • Finally fixed the pesky display issues (hopefully). The game should now correctly scale depending on your aspect ratio. (hopefully).
  • Settings! I've finally fixed the settings screen and now you can choose a couple of things (on mobile only, settings are disabled on the win build)
    • Enable/disable music and SFX - there is no music nor SFX currently in the game regardless but hey the option is there
    • Pick your dominant hand - flips the menus and controls to suit your handedness 
    • Enable/disable one hand mode - instead of using both hands to tap on left/right half of your screen, you can now use the upper/lower halves of your screen for input if you so desire
    • Enable/disable ads - I've decided to give control to the player whether or not they wish to support me, so if you find ads annoying, you can simply disable them for free! There are no ads currently in the game, but the option is there.
  • Lots of new objects to interact with, but are not used in the levels currently
  • Optimization! The game should run way better than it did before. On my low end device it's still not completely stable, but I'll take extra care to optimize the game wherever possible!
  • With that said, I've removed the main culprit of the slowdowns - the lightning system. From what I've gathered, android isn't very fond of multiple surfaces as they're stored in VRAM, and generally phones tend to have very little of it. I'm trying to find a better alternative.
  • Redesigned the first level to be way more friendlier and sort of act as a textless tutorial. Still, I haven't received any feedback considering level design so it might be heavily biased - this is something that I absolutely need to get right, so if you think that it's too hard or too boring, please let me know!
  • Arcade mode is no more. I've been thinking heavily about this and decided that ultimately, this is where I cut content. This was never planned, I just did it spontaneously without thinking how time consuming it would be. So right now I'm working on adapting the arcade levels into the standard mode. Bootcamp will still happen though!
  • Aaand this is where I regret not writing down everything I do (which I should!), as I'm sure there's way more than this, but my goldfish memory serves me this much

There's still a million things to do. Mainly graphically, the game doesn't look very nice. It is also quite short on levels - without dying, the demo can be completed under 8 minutes. On the other hand, there's only a few things that I need to add to the game that has to do with game mechanics. So in a bit, I will start focusing all my time on polishing and designing levels, and that should be it!

I'm not sure.  

By default, if you need to pay for servers I say it's too risky, but then again I don't know your background - if you think you can pull it off then by all means go for it!

I'm not sure how iOS games work yet, but from my experience with developing an Android mobile game, it's as easy as downloading the .apk and sending it to your phone via adb or your preferred file transfer method. You can also directly download the file from your phone. But again yeah, not sure if it's the same for iOS. 

I also know that there are playstore integrations, a game page can have links to those.

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This is really well made. It was very fun! 

I love the aesthetics and game mechanics. Level design needs a tiny bit of polish, for instance at that one screen where you land right on the enemy without knowing so, but this is just a nitpick at best :) (and of course, as you said, this is an early version so things like these are bound to happen) 

Keep up the great work!