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As a fellow creator in the Deranged Alex Kidd Fan Canon, I love this game. It's so chaotic and fast-paced, and there's actually a lot of depth to it.

Everything about this is amazing! The build customization, the way the music gives gameplay a powerful rhythm, the cover system, how intuitive everything is...

Genuinely great and way more fun than Californication


Actually a lot more forgiving than Elden Ring, but feels well planned out and scoped. The optional Elites were a great element, and Akarsh is an amazing boss. Nothing felt time-wastey like in a lot of other masocore games, and it was fun to experiment with using/avoiding different aspects of the kit. Great weight to actions too. You're killing it, Abhi!


great job!

rly nice lil room

Wideboi's skill standards have increased significantly since last time lmfao


really florps the gorps

nice, i look forward to it

got to 3,000,000 coffee

This game is a masterpiece. The simplicity of the gameplay belies the complexity of the theme - Uber Mario must forever shine the shoes, even once they are already clean; not only does he feel compelled to do so by the lack of outside activity, but he is driven to continue shining even the soles of the customer's shoes by said customer's constant, condescending demands of him. The pride and fulfillment he takes in his job, represented by Eddie Kendricks' 1974 song "Shoeshine Boy", evaporates after a few minutes, replaced by the deafening silence of an uncaring world. Yet still, Uber Mario is driven to shine. In spite of his fate, he always stares intently at the gleaming wellies, searching for one last vestigial speck of grime to remove. Knowing full well that the little green number, meant to denote the worth of his work, truly means nothing, he soldiers on. It is entirely up to the audience to decide whether Uber Mario has found a paradise or a damnation in his fate, and the game promotes neither conclusion to the exclusion of the other.

I got a high score, here's a screenshot to prove it

The name is literally "Fuck You" and it's unbeatable and nigh on incomprehensible, if it had ear-shredding music it could have its picture in the hypothetical abominable dictionary that would define a GBTK game, right next to said definition. Opening the game is itself a slightly confusing task. Lacking even the light scope that is expected of the average jam game, this is in a sense a fantastic new low, since the badness scales entirely with player persistence, punishing even those masochists who push through other GBTK entries. 5 stars

Fans have awaited its arrival for years


In the immortal words of the Nintendo Wii, 


The Glocarinas thank you

OK, just wanted to say this, even though I didn't get all the way thru version 2.6 due to other engagements: this game has come a really long way, and it's great to see the different aspects of it evolve. The atmosphere is palpable with the graphical update, and what you have on your hands here is - speaking in terms of everything but the pre-fab soundtrack - a polished project.

You appear to have sampled the prime EarthGround experience. I declare you an official EarthGround resident who lives somewhere offscreen probably.

Was definitely interesting to watch. Impressed that you were able to MOVE and FITE, but vindicated by the fact that yet another has fallen to the MERCILESS ONSLAUGHT THAT IS EARTHGROUND.

You need to learn to stop making actually-playable-and-likeable games, this is really intuitive and polished

A very sneaky, snakey, suspicious game.

While the experience certainly wasn't as headache inducing as I'd like, it made me say "Oh baby", so I think the pitch for this one has been fully realized

Really abrasive and simplistic. Which makes it worse. Which I prefer.

A simple matter of "find the hitbox", dragged out to take forever. Very bad and appreciated.

This game is actually really comprehensible and bearable. I enjoy Bri'ish Mode too, so frankly it's kind of good in a way.


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positively horrific, couldn't get past the antipiracy at first, met and was defeated by the adventures of lololololololololololo. killed 5 slimes, saw the glorious finale. 10/10

Oh, I wouldn't be so sure of that...

Thank you very much, your patronage is appreciated and I anticipate your critique


It's always been great to see this game evolve. I look forward to trying this version out!

Solid 7/10, keep up the good work me bucko

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I don't know why you're so down on your music. I just listened to Album, and it's really professional-grade stuff! Even the old songs use motifs pretty well. But then again, all my songs are samples and simple guitar riffs, so what do I know?

Also gave Niefel a second play. Only real issues I have with it are typos ("THE GROUND IS CRUMBELING?!") and the obvious superficial comparison to Celeste (red-haired girl climbing via a dash move). I like the visual style - reminds me of Platform Masters if it had more thoughtful lighting, and the cutscenes are pretty impressionistic. Are you aware that the Discord's down? I assume so.

Played this a day or two ago and it's pretty compelling too. I actually got through it without dashing.

The visuals are really charming and the music is absurdly good for a jam game (this is actually the case with a lot of The Collection too!).

Anyway, thanks for having interest in my game!

I could, but it would take a good while to recreate everything in C++ when I'm already working on another project on top of a number of other things. Is the Java download from the Oracle website not working correctly for you? I remember a friend had trouble installing it once. You might need to restart your computer after install, too.

Really interesting and novel!

-I was able to catch myself and twirl outside the walls. Ironically enough, this was how I figured out the way the catcher works.
-I locked myself in a room, although that's an obvious faux pas.

-All around, this started out pretty tense and gradually got more cognitive as I figured out everything naturally and eventually locked the enemy away for good.

Thank you for making this! it's great! If I ever come up with anything I think you'd be interested in or a good fit for, I might hit you up on that offer!