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Oh my goodness! I remember a dev for this game talking on the otome reddit about it a couple years back, I loved the idea. Glad to see it's come to fruition with such lovely art! I had fun with the demo, looking forward to the full thing!

Excellent demo! Beautiful art, the writing is great, and the characters are interesting and distinct. I'm VERY interested in seeing where the story leads us.

I really love how your character's personality can be completely different depending on your decisions; you can be very demure and almost a little nervous, you can be rude and arrogant, you can be firm but kind, and you can be shrewd and conniving... so many options! It makes Amara a very versatile character and certainly adds more replayability. I'm also loving the introduction of the love-interests (I'm gonna have to agree with some other commenters and say Noah's probably my favourite b/c he's very much my type but they're all great), none of them fall under the usual tropes, which is very appealing to me.

I'll definitely keep up with and purchase this game! Keep up the good work!!