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I've read that independent comic artists reuse assets a lot in order to speed up the process. Like how they'd make a brush of a character's whole head of hair and just stamp it on and warp it a little to fit the angle they're going for! :D
Or how for backgrounds they'll just find a photo of a place that fits their needs and filters it to make it LOOK like it was drawn. Then just personally draw in any important BG detail themselves.
They use all sorts of little hacks like that. It's super cool! B)

I cannot for the life of me relate to the MC in any way, shape, or form. But other than that disconnect, the game's story was made really well! I feel like it would really shine its best as a webcomic.

My only gripe is that you can't change the MC's name. I personally know someone named Catherine and it just gets uncomfortable every time her name pops up... and in this game, "Catherine" get's thrown around a lot!

it'd be cute if Cailean started emoting with his tail more. It seems within the physical abilities of his tail, but since it's more fish I don't know how much of his tail movements is subconsciously attuned to his mood/feelings. How his tail is drawn rn says to me he's either emoting is reserved because of how he's normally treated, or he's simply keeping his tail tucked in to keep it from getting stepped on...

 But like maybe if he gets comfortable around Sawyer they'll notice his tail swishes around just a bit more when he's content or happy. And/or mayyybe he'd at least wrap his tail around Sawyer as like a gesture of affection (like a kind of hug/embrace/cuddle) or maybe as a gesture of protectiveness (Like if Tre for example acted aggressive toward Sawyer again and Cailean glares and rings his tail around them like a shield implying "don't touch")?

idk I want Cailean's tail to have a bit more attention drawn to it since you can't really see it in the game and honestly if I was Sawyer I'd be so interested in it. 

This is the cutest! The concept of everyone putting on a "real" otome for their friend's birthday is so damn adorable. It was so wholesome and it made me have to squeal into my pillow to get my giddyness out. So precious!

Love the game! DON'T appreciate the constant loud creaking/banging house noises being played over EVERYTHING. I can't even lower it in the settings menu under the sound effects bar... Is it some type of bug??

I found myself emulating the same big smile that was plastered on Ash's face most of the time just out of sheer enjoyment of the interaction between the characters. Seriously- I had to rub my face to get my smile to relax! This game was so fun to play through. Each of the characters where so uniquely characterized I just ended up loving all the boys for their own respective reasons. Hearing Paris's theme music always puts a big dumb grin on my face though so I guess he's fav.