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i know how to get it it haprpened 3 TIMES IN A ROW but Playtime has to appear and you have to be on the Jump rope then 1st Prize has to push then the principal has to appear and THEN BALDI HAS TO SHOW UP

i know right SCHOOL SHOOTERS YOU PROBALY OFFENDED A WHOLE SCHOOL so yea MrTheAmazingKid i totally 10000000000000000000000000000000000.100000000000000000000% agre with you NOT YOU KieferJames 

there is a fanmande fake one also READ

well true true i thought he might like this idea like if Nintendo was going to make a new Mario character you cant just send them an email you have to enter a contest on their site or magazine

ummmm y ddlc

thats what he is suppose to look like a crappy MS Paint drawing 


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this isTommy.  His favorite teacher is Baldi and every time he sees you in the hall breaking a rule he will scream witch causes the principal come up to you and he says "No breaking rules in the hall".  Also, if he is near you and Playtime is near too(or if Playtime is anywhere) you can make him jump on the jump rope. He has an item if you hit him with BSODA then he drops a Dollar (witch is counterfit and if you use it the BSODA machine becomes out of order. Here are his quotes, "You have a drink i need to tell the principal" "I HATE YOU AND I HATE YOU PLAYTIME" "No Zesty Bars in the hall" "NO NOT MY DOLLAR well at least its fake HA HA HA HA" "THAT IDIOT 1ST PRIZE". His voice is supposed to be a distorted  Male British computer voice.  When the school turns red he turns red and screams non stop in one place.Tommy