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Xiao Hong Zao... Little Red Date? How very (not) fitting!

I wonder if there's meaning behind the other names XD

The art, music and storytelling were just exquisite in delivering the perspectives of the three girls! The sense of unease gradually constructed through the tiniest hints in dialogue and descriptions was also quite well done, especially when contrasted by the sweet naivete of Amelie. I also enjoyed the fluff between Amelie and Sofia - the way they interact is so wholesome (here we ignore the persistent presence of Lilika doing her various things).

(Spoilers Ahead!)

I do wish some bits were more explored though, for example the relationship between Amelie and Sofia, Lilika's reason of obsession (specifically, exploration of how her bond with Marian came to be), and that little twist in the final ending... And I'm still a little confused by Lilika's origin story: like, what exactly did the lady do in the ritual? what are her motivations to go to such lengths to ensure Amelie's safety? what exactly was the ritual and function? how many staff were sacrificed? how does a lady know of such magicks?

Maybe I just prefer more detail and this was left artfully abstract, but I would have appreciated more narrative detail about the "before" upon which Lilika's character is based on. I also wish that there might actually exist an ending where all three girls can be content and happy - Lilika coming to a resolution about her existence, Sofia not brutally murdered by the end of the night, Amelie exploring the greater world and released from her state of limbo. 

But really, these are just me nitpicking an already fantastic game and, for its price, this is really worth it. The story kept me on my toes the whole time, and I'll be on a lookout for future releases from this team ^^