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Howdydiddlydoodle all! :D

My name's Andy and I've recently started to get back into game designing over the past few months :) I graduated from the Newport university of South Wales back in 2011 with a BA(hons) degree in computer games design, though since then life has happened and I am rusty hehe :P I am a really resourceful guy ready and good at learning new tricks as well as determined hehe ;P

It is grand to be here!

All good pal! :P

Hmmm would you need the ability only when the blocks are stuck / lost though? :) If you think about it, the possibility of the user being able to reset the block whenever they want if they are within a certain range of it at the time could help facilitate new forms of puzzles should you want to ;)

Heya! Sorry I went for the night to sleep but am back :P Absolutely no problem RE the feedback! I prefer clear, workable feedback myself too :P I hope it proves of use! :)

- With regards to the point in response to the jump mechanic, I can see that now that you mention it! :) I would think that with tweaking of the motion and smoothing the falls and peaks of jumps to emulate gravity, it would communicate better to the user? :)

- Regarding the grass block I can see what you mean RE the flow of the game being interrupted if it is stuck :thinking: What about a level reset mechanic should the user get the placement wrong? Good for voluntary / compulsory puzzle solving as it allows the user to take a good few cracks at it without getting stuck or losing life / enemy progress / collectable progress :)

- Regarding the level 3 predicament, YES! :) At least increasing the user's field of view as well as modifying bat paths so that the user has a clearly observable opportunity to jump on them safely would help SO SO MUCH! :P

This game is brilliant! :D Still playing the demo at the moment but I will record my observations here and then my suggestions afterwards as I do:


- During the introductory scene, Dude's speech clashes with the background, making it harder to read.
- The dialogue during the scenes sometimes progress too fast for reading fully (Not the best eye sight).
- Volume level of music transitioning from scene to game play is abrupt and disorienting.
- Being reset to the start of the level every hit seems disorienting and interrupts the experience's flow.
- The jump mechanic seems too sensitive as it is very accurately based on how long I hold the up key.
- It was not obviously clear to me at first that I had to carry on moving off screen to progress to the next level.
- There are no ways in game to control the volume level or key mapping.
- All enemy kills progress is safe yet when I move back after moving a block, it resets.
- As was mentioned previously I believe, Level 3 is way too difficult due to the lighting and lack of opportunity to kill the bats as if you jump at them, you are usually damaged.
[Apologies I stopped playing at this point as it was a tad too frustrating for a nice side-scroller :P]


- Here I would suggest that you use some form of outline on the text or speech bubbles so that the user has a good surface to read easier against.
- As for the dialogue being too fast at points, I would suggest either text speed options or the ability for the user to click to progress dialogue at their own pace?
- Keeping the overall music levels constant throughout the game would help to preserve the suspension of disbelef and immersion of the user :).
- I would suggest that you allow the user to get attacked and lose 3 health before then resetting their position on the level using a separate "lives" system :).
-  RE The jump mechanic, I would suggest two or three specific jumps depending on how long the key is held? 3 defined jump heights :).
- In terms of the movement at the end, I would suggest some form of marker or specific terrain indicator that the user should move off screen?
- Volume & Key-mapping controls definitely would help :).
- I am not sure if the block was intended to re-spawn hen it moves off screen, yet that in itself seems not to flow with the rest of the game :S.
- With regards to level 3, I feel the narrow view point of the light spot, as well as the user in-obvious ability if there is one to defeat bats, is what heavily needs to be addressed. I would suggest by returning the view to the entire view port by eliminating the light spot until a late time, or by designing a cleanly achievable way the user can defeat the bats :).

PHEW! Sorry I know there is a lot to read there, but I hope this all helps! :)

It is a very good game design with a promising future as a good, solid game :)

:O This game genuinely scared the SHIT outta me O_O Literally, I needed to visit the bathroom XD

A very nice game and well made! 5 / 5

That must have been an insightful, humbling experience :) I say that because it is not very often that game designers and game developers think of :P If it is delivered by something extra as a vehicle of sorts for the music to ride shotgun on, THAT is what helps :D Game Design as a delivery mechanism is why I got into it :P

As for my involvement, I graduated from the Universe of South Wales, Newport back in 2011 with an honours degree in game design :) Unfortunately life has been a complete and utter fucker since then as well which has cause a hell of a lot of mental health issues (Heavily including anxiety) and thus it has been a looooong time since I have properly designed and developed a game or been involved with doing so :/

Now though, I am finally back onto game design and development :D I am currently designing and developing a game! A casual arcade game aimed at 7+ :P Looking through platforms to publish on free in the future when I am ready, I found, and upon browsing, Nymble! :P :P

You know what? That is an insightful utilisation of that fact :D A much better way to gain exposure to the art form and also your particular skills with it :D What did you study to get such a good grasp on musical design? I am very amateur at best with it :P

Not a problem! :) I just finished reading your case study on the game as well :D May I ask what it was that caused you to use game development as a vehicle for your music? :)

This is a really nicely made game! I love the creativity used around the mechanic of the puzzles :D You captured the fun atmosphere so well :)

I have only played a few minutes as it's late here but WOW a grand experience so far! I was scared half to death when that thing jumped out :P