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Thanks! I used Construct 3 to make it, very nice for quick prototyping of ideas etc.

Hi thanks for the feedback! I've tested the game on a number of different devices and haven't had that issue but I was curious to know what you were using when you experienced this? Please let me know I'd love to figure it out for this and future projects!

Thanks! & thanks for the vid!

Thanks! I'll definitely check it out!

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Thanks for the kind words! It's really cool what you all are doing for the community and I really appreciate you making me a part of it ::)) !

Was cool but felt pretty clunky. The way you can't wall jump twice even though you cling back onto the wall really got my goat, but was pretty fun platforming. I enjoyed falling down into the deeper cave through all the bricks and coins haha.

fun game thanks

Cool game! It would be nice if there was some leeway to be a little bit wrong but it was fun!

Really interesting to walk aroudn! Couldnt figure anything out though hah

Fun but definitely looking to press more buttons after the first level!

Love the game, needs more votes!

Nice minimal way to make a game like this, I enjoyed it!

Cool game! I think it might interesting to flesh out the design maybe by starting with fewer colors in a smaller area but do what you do! 

Fun game, nice sense of discovery in the beginning too! Got a little bored after a couple rooms I think cause getting through becomes a bit formulaic but well done!

The online is cool but next time you could probably dig a bit deeper in terms of gameplay!

Fun game! Some moments when I got hit felt a little 'unfair' but who knows maybe I'm just bad lol, overall nicely done!

Agreeed, maybe should have made it less than 20..

i think i thought 30 seconds was a bit too easy haha. In retrospect i think i just played the game a ton and got used to all the levels haha, but too late now i guess.