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Quick question? Are the version number represent the amount of content being finished? So for example 0.41.100 means 41% of the game done (and 60% to go)


I love how everyone in the comments hate Matt so much that either you want to avoid him completely or you want him severely injured or humiliated in the most satisfying way as possible. You know when the creator done a great job making Matt so hateable.    

Quick question? Has the public version ended already?

its time to play

I figure out the problem that might be a bug.  On day 32, there is 2 seperate scenes for both Kate and Matt that collides one another which leads to 2 different routes. 

If I do Matt's Route, her mother appears in the cafe and takes MC for dinner with Matt. But basically locked Kate's Romance for good

If I do Kate's Route, she will invite MC for a Picnic but it requires not having Matt around. Unless the MC keeps saying no to Matt which leads to the bus cg.

Anyway, keep up the good work and I can't wait to play future updates. 

I have replay the game multiple times and enjoyed it all the routes (except maybe for the Bakery Route). 

The hardest route to achieve has to be Kate as I have to keep the corruption low. But it means I can't do Matt's route properly and was unable to unlocked the Bus CG. All other routes are straightforward though still finding a way to unlock the Aquarium CG for Damien though. 

I have a question about transfering save files. Do I transfer my entire old save file into the new safe file.  If so, its not working. Is there any additional steps that I missed?