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A great refreshing game with a very interesting concept. It really encourages you to pay a lot of attention to the environment. At first changes may be very easy to spot, but as the game progresses they get more and more subtle. 

Thanks haha

Thanks man, I appreciate to hear that!

Removing your comment due to a suspicious link.

I guess you'll have to download it to find out lol.

No sorry, I stopped working on it a long time ago.

Ah I see, I was just wondering. Awesome work btw! :)

Hi! I wanted to let you know you can get this for free (has been free for quite a while).

May I ask what software you used to create this?

If you have any tips, suggestions or comments, please leave them here!

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it also includes .ogg files for direct use in game engines. The LMMS is just the source file, so you can edit it easily if you already have LMMS.

Post here if you want to talk with other users or the developer about using this pack.

Post here if you need technical support for this pack.

Post here about anything, for example game maker.

This pack is now free to download and use for non commercial and commercial.

Yes I decided to make everything free.

Ye this is very simplistic (and probably wrong) but you get the idea :)


Hey I see you already implemented my suggestion, Great work :D

Keep up the great work! :)

i think 3 is perfect, or maybe make something that the class is identical so

Var class

Function class = knight else axeman else swordman

If Bluespawn = knight function redspawn = knight

Well i suppose you get the idea, i think this could prevent the main menu spawns to be like uneven, because now 1 guy spawns with halberd and he can kill like infinite guys with smaller range :)

I think it would also be cool if blocking is possible with a melee weapon, sword or axe or something :)

Great game dude, I do have a suggestion for the main menu. (il just post it really simple cause i am not a programming beast or something haha)

Main menu:

var troopcountBlue

var troopcountRed

if "troopcountBlue" > 3 function spawn=false

if "troopcountRed" > 3 function spawn=false


Because right now in the main menu often, either blue or red totally destroys the opponent and troops keep spawning in. I think this would fix it? I dont know if it can be done this simple.

Again I really love your game :)


thank you for your review, please note the game is still in development, (not very actively). I will definitely try to do something about all of this. I must say I have been very occupied with my study lately. I will try to make the game harder and add more levels.

Kind regards,

Vincent Hendriks

Hendracle Interactive

Its a bundle, 3 games for €1:00 , but dont be sad, there will be a period soon in which the game can be downloaded for free. :)

Stay tuned.

---New free DLC will be released soon, here is the trailer---