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Yep, absolutely!

I'm sorry to hear that! Please note it is not a standalone application but an importable package, you should be able to download it just fine though. At least it works for me in the web browser!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you experience any other issues or can't get it working :)

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I have looked through some possibilities, and I don't consider that one a valid option, mostly because I have no need to be credited for this specific product. Ill add a custom license file to the project which you can download. I hope that helps :)


Feel free to use it for any commercial or non commercial project!

Looking back on this it is rather basic though. If I  were you I'd download LMMS or BFXR. BFXR is very awesome for sound effects! It's also completely free and I have used it a bit myself.
You can take a look at it here:

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>All options in 1 comprehensive list, currently they reside in the object where they are applicable.
>Map Editor functionality

>Suggestions? Share them in the feature request thread!


>Community feedback and roadmap overhaul (Right after the release of the first major update)

>Major Development update #1 (Major feature(s) + Bugfixes) [Spring-Summer 2021] --> PLEASE LEAVE YOUR FEEDBACK IN THE FEATURE REQUEST.  Then I  can use it for the next update!

After the end of life update, no new features wil be introduced and the template will be  available   as-is.

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The roadmap for the project will be posted here. Please note that this roadmap may change based on feature requests, GameMaker's  future updates   and the interest in the product.

Use this page to request and discuss features that you would like to see added!

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I  received a mail, I sent back an email with a key, could you let me know if you received it?

There is currently not, but if you send an email to Ill mail a key so that you can see if it is something that you would find useful.

Applying restrictions for that would be that you are not allowed to publish anything with it, or distribute it in any way. This is a temporary solution and I  will attempt to get a real demo out sometime soon.

Guides, Tutorials  and Documentation will also be posted here (apart from the documentation included in the framework)

If you have any feedback,   comments or want to chat about the functionality of the project, you can do it here! :)

If you want to  showcase something you made, you can post it here!

Post all your questions here,  I will do my best to answer them as fast as I can!

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Are you aware that this is an asset/template for a game engine called 'game maker studio 2'. You should be able to import it by browsing in the software and then clicking import?

I hope this helps. If you have any questions let me know!

No problem. I hope it's useful for you :)

I have enabled the downloads for the readme and zip file. Feel free to use the code for whatever you want. If you do have questions about the project ill try my best to answer them!

Hey, it's complete but it's pretty old and I dropped support. Ill enable it to download for now. It should work but I  created this quite some time ago so I  can't remember the entire project structure.

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Id like to get these in the bundle please!

Thank you for your feedback! Let me know if you have any issues or problems!

A great refreshing game with a very interesting concept. It really encourages you to pay a lot of attention to the environment. At first changes may be very easy to spot, but as the game progresses they get more and more subtle. 

Thanks haha

Thanks man, I appreciate to hear that!

Removing your comment due to a suspicious link.

Ah I see, I was just wondering. Awesome work btw! :)

Hi! I wanted to let you know you can get this for free (has been free for quite a while).

May I ask what software you used to create this?

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it also includes .ogg files for direct use in game engines. The LMMS is just the source file, so you can edit it easily if you already have LMMS.

Post here if you want to talk with other users or the developer about using this pack.

Post here if you need technical support for this pack.

Post here about anything, for example game maker.

This pack is now free to download and use for non commercial and commercial.