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My friend and I both played this, and cried because we didn't want to leave, aND HE WAS MAKING IT HARD NOT TOO, LIKE BOI! STOP MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU YOU GORGEOUS MOTHER FUCKER! 

Over all, it was a very sweet game.

HOLY FUCK, I can't wait till the full game, and that ending!!! GOT ME SO SHOOK. I thought Kimiko was acting BUT NOPE, IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE! ( I didn't look at the pictures on the side so oof ) this got me hooked so fast.

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I actually fucking enjoyed this game, but so salty because i'm just a huge sappy person and when I thought would be a great answer, WHAM! had to restart from the very beginning. BUT overall I just loved it completely, it has taken over my life and now all I can do is laugh at how it can be meme central, to a heartwarming and serious scene. I screamed about this game to my local friends that THEY have to play it, and they are thinking about it so IFGBNOBENGRIOBRGVBRQEBGEUIGBEGVIUGN. Also, I don't care about the save file anymore, it's worth it to play the thing over and over, I really do fucking appreciate this game.  It was the BEST DATING SIM that I have ever played yet so far. Those titties though OOF!

Can't wait for the full version, it was so fun to play! and i'm so highly interested in what happens next.

This is really amazing, love the art style, I loved every part of it while playing it.