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Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :D

oh that's unfortunate :(

congrats for making that sick track under those conditions then haha

oh sorry, I'll DM you a .zip

We'll upload the .zip after the jam (right now we can't modify the file on itch)


Very well made game ! I like the visuals a lot, and the music is pretty nice. Solid entry, congrats!

Decent little game! especially for a first game jam! It's functional and doesn't crash, unlike a lot of other entries lol

I liked the visuals, and the base gameplay is solid. The bombs are definitely fun. Tho it's unfortunate for the lack of sfx (excepted the bomb and the footsteps, that are very well integrated), but I understand it's hard since you are alone on the project. The music has a little problem, it doesn't loop that well, but aside from that it's pretty good.

Overall I had fun playing this, which is the most important :) congrats! And keep it up :D

Hoping to see you again on future jams!

Good entry! The game is well polished, the artstyle is neat and I love the music, especially the breakbeat part. The loop isn't perfect tho, but aside from that I really enjoyed this game :D

Pretty nice game, I love the concept, it's really really fun. I stumbled across a little issue with the music, after some time the music stops, which is unfortunate :/

But aside from that nitpick, great little game!

Kinda confusing at first, it lacks feedback and the mechanics aren't very clear. But when you get it it's pretty fun :)

I liked it!

Nice game, neat music, but I'm sure if it fits the mood well. Also it lacks sfx, it would be cool for feeback when you hit spiders. The visuals are pretty nice tho, and the game overall is pretty fun :)

Yeah! I'll give a listen :)

nice! Thanks 🙏

This is so good omg

Maybe it's not the most constructive feedback ever, but I don't have anything more to say that I really enjoyed this lol

I need more! :D Congrats!

Interesting little game :)

Had fun :D

Very nice visuals and music, it would have been cool with some sfx tho

It's quite difficult, but very fun to play!

I love this one, I love the concept, I love the visual, I love the music, truly one of my favorites :D

Can we listen to the music somewhere? It's such a banger

Music is nice, but the sfx are too loud, and too impactful. It lacks some polish on the graphics, and I had some minor bugs, but the gameplay makes up for it, I like the shield / weapon system.

There is room for improvement, but keep going! this could lead to a great game :)

The visuals, music and overall gameplay is fun! I like the glitch theme. It's kind of annoying to have a very short range but you get used to it, and the game is kinda hard haha. Overall pretty nice :)

Pretty fun, but really short unfortunately, we want more!

The visual and music are trippy as hell, and I'm here for it! I don't know if you'll do more, but if it's the case I'll be here to play it :)

Really like the concept here, and the art style is fantastic! It's pretty fun, it really can become a sick game!

It's a shame about the lack of audio unfortunately, but I saw your post on the server concerning that, I shared your game to my friends in my sound design school, hopefully someone will reach out to you :)

The concept is really neat, but it's very hard to focus on the 2 parts of the game at once. The art is really nice tho, and it's fun to play :)

The dating sim + bullet hell with the anxiety meter concept is really cool, but the execution has some issue. 

The bullet patterns feel same y, and too easy, with a lot of hearts. It could have been cool if it was a bit more difficult, so you wouldn't have to lose on purpose to see the bad ending. The story is quite slow too, and we would have wanted to see more, and with more jokes to really go in the troll / funny racoon path.

But with those problems fixed, you can have a really fun game :)

Fun little game but it feels quite unfair at points (mainly because of the hitbox that is too big)

I have some issue concerning the sfx, that are too repetitive, and sometimes too loud. Also the game over music is clipping. Other than that it's pretty cool!

Thank you! :D

Nice game, not too hard (which is nice compared to other stuff I played out there haha)

I don't hear any sound or music tho :(

The visuals are nice, shooting break is definitely fun haha

good job! :)

Thanks! We are glad you liked it as much as you did :D

omg it's so fun I love it!

like wow WOW

The idea, the art, everything is really neat and a lot of people have commented on how good this is already, but I have to point out the sound. It' SO JUICY

Shooting feels incredible, killing those baddies is just addicting, collecting those coins feels great. The weapon variety just adds a lot to the gameplay experience. 

yeah I love it, congrats to the team!

I totally understand that. Sound design is hard, and sound designers are rare, so it's not easy to get one in your team. Maybe a post jam version could be cool, implementing SCP creatures as allies or enemies could definitely be fun! I'd totally play it again :D

For a first game jam it's not that bad. It's functional, and you submitted it in time! And you seem to be the only dev on it, so it's really cool that you were able to make this. I like the 2D platformer Bullet hell concept, reminds me of Touhou Luna Night, and the boss rush mode of this game was the best part of it haha. Visually it's kind of basic, but it gets the job done, I always wanted to 1 vs 1 a triangle anyway. The UI is a bit confusing and messy tho. Adding music would have been nice, to make the gameplay feel more juicy. So yeah, nice start, I hope you'll make more jams and improve in the future :)

Pretty nice integration of the theme, and really good visuals imo. I like the music, even if it's a bit repetitive, but have some reserve on the sfx. It's more of a personnal preference but I'm not a huge fan of the 8bit vibe. They are also pretty loud, to they tend to hurt the ears and makes you want to lower the volume. I love the bouncing bullets sounds tho, it's super cute haha.

Overall pretty good game, that could just use some work on the sound design and mixing :)

Of course, but those decisions are also what makes game jams so thrilling :)

It was fun, and the goal of all of that is to have fun and improve. I hope you'll learn something from all the feedback you get and continue to improve ;)

Really really good idea to mix bullet hell and puzzle!

I really enjoyed what you did here :)

The red and blue mechanic are also great, it reminds me of Ikaruga haha

nice job! keep it up :D

Yeah the Arcade difficulty is based on the arcade mode from Ikaruga, where you need to finish the game without any checkpoint. Otherwise on normal and easy modes you have checkpoint at the start of every levels

Really nice one! The whole concept is really good, with the falling islands and the orb, and the upgrades, loving it! The sounds may need more oomf tho, but maybe it's just me. Really like the music!

Overall pretty great, nicely polished, one of my favorite ones so far!

Nice little game, the music is a BANGER

I love the SCP part behind it, nice idea, and nice way to implement the theme, tho it could have been tied to the gameplay more. 

I have some issues concerning the audio mix tho, but nothing too bad.

First of all the overall volume is way too loud, it scared the hell out of me when I launched the game haha. But it was nice to have the option to lower it in the main menu :)

And the other issue is that when several enemies of the same type shoot together, they shoot in the same rythm, and they all have the exact same shooting sound that plays at the same time, so it's very loud. You can fix this by making them shoot out of sync, and creating different variations of the bullet sound (with different pitch for example) and randomize the one that is played each time an enemy shoots.

But, overall, it's pretty nice, keep it up! ;)

Fun game! I liked the artstyle, and the music is really catchy! The boss is also pretty good, but maybe the sfx need more work. I'm not a huge fan of the 8 bit feedback sounds, and the cannons sounds are fairly weak. I like the slow down effect when you aim at the boss, and the mechanic is pretty fun, tho it would have been nice to have a slow down sfx to make it juicier.

Overall I had a pretty good time, great job! :D

This game is so hypnotizing I love it! A big part of that is due to the wonderful soundtrack, that elevates the atmosphere. The art direction is also really neat, and the environment and enemy designs are great. Overall really good experience :)

The music is truly a banger, but for some reason I only hear it on the left ear :/

The lack of sfx is kinda unfortunate tho, it could have elevated the game.

But the idea behind the game, and the universe potential is pretty good, I'd like to see this polished in the following weeks :D

Wow so much praise it's really encouraging :)

I actually worked on the SFX with PURE.

We are 2 sound designer and musicians, so all the SFX and musics are original creations made during this jam.

Maybe you haven't reached the 2nd zone, or maybe we did a great job with our transitions in the adaptative music, but there is in fact 7 music tracks in the game haha! They'll all be out soon to listen to :)

Thank you again for your feedback, we really appreciate it!