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i am playing this game 2 routes now the only thing that i didn't like i couldn't choose to be a Top or bottom with the coache

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Amm i downloaded this game on my pc (the android version)  i can't figure how to i stall it on my phone 

Any one can help me ?

i changed the internet connection and used my tablet but didn't work it get to 80% and stop so I will use the app on my computer

Ps: my friend told me about this site when u told him about the problem he said he never had it till this week so am thinking more people will get this problem

i can't download any game I spent the whole day trying to solve 

In the middle of the game it stop saying failed but my tablet and pc and phone have space and they are new I tried vpn but couldn't download it

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ok i will thank you for replying 

I hope i can play it am in love with that couch

When it get to the middle of the download it stop 

Help plz I really wanna play it