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This game is absolutely wonderful. The art style is unique, the combat and customization gives plenty of options, but I have one question. Are you supposed to lose against Harbinger?

Cool! That's really good to know. Thanks!

It's really cool of you to reply, Mr. Darling. The idea came mostly from how quickly I run out of cards. By the second chamber, I don't have any left.

I think the discard pile should shuffle back into the deck at the start of every chamber.

Small spidery robots would be an excellent addition to the game, in several forms like ranged shooters, suicidal exploders, and melee attackers. To add variety, they should leap around the battlefield and skitter quickly.

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I'm on Windows 8, have an NVIDIA GeForce GT 635, my monitor is an HP x20LED Series Wide LCD monitor and I uninstalled the game, so a screenshot may be in a while.

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The game doesn't seem to work very well with my PC: everything is shunted to the left, so I can't see what parts I'm using or what they change. Other than that, I really like this game.

I really like your game, but how do you complete the boss room puzzle with the colors?

I can't go back in the menus. Could you tell me which button it is?