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Rena Kuri

A member registered Feb 03, 2017

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I think harfbuzz is something to do with the program itself but I don't have a clue. I tried google and everything that pinged was... advanced. I checked the installed version on my distro and its above the version its saying so... no idea. 
Oh, is that okay? I didn't expect that at all. Thank you so much. (redacted) 

Edit: thank you so much! I got the code. You're amazing. <3

Huh, okay that makes sense. I'm kinda new to Linux so I'm learning.
But why wouldn't the steam one work then? I'm totally willing to buy a second copy either on itch (if I can get the demo working, but I'm running into Harfbuzz version too old (1.4.2) error when I try to run it) or android if needed but I'm trying to make this work and seeing if its a user error on my part? The game loads up but is black screen. Sound and cursor, but black screen.
I'm sorry for bothering you, I'm just wanting to play this amazing game again.

I actually got this on steam and after it wouldn't work, I found the game here and tried the linux demo. I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 and after extracting the file for the linux demo (I'm actually willing to purchase the game twice for a working copy), there is no executable. (which would be something like
I also tried to run through wine/steam proton and that cuts off the text and makes the game completely unplayable. 

Hi! I haven't been able to claim a steam key. It says there are no keys available. 

This game is stunning and had me hooked from the first moments I started playing. Can't wait for release!

Ah brilliant! Thank you <3

Hi! so I bought the game from itch and it says I get a steam key with my purchase but its telling me "There are no keys available at this time, try again later" Can something be done about this? 

Super interested in this!! Saw you on VN Enthusiasts group on facebook so decided to check out your VNs. Take care. 

Is there a way I can download the CGs for myself or a way to view them in game, like in a gallery or something? If there is an option already, I haven't found it yet. I'm a bit of a CG collector so I like to be able to view them. 

I love Bahadur. He's so well written. <3

I would really appreciate that. And so would my birds! Let me know if it happens! :D

this is amazing. I haven't gotten very far yet, but I'm finding it incredibly enjoyable. Is there a place to purchase the soundtrack? When I play, I've noticed that my birds (parrots) really seem to enjoy the music and just wondered if there was a place I could get it so I could play the music for them.