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I have definitely played this game in spirit before I knew it existed. Would play and would buy again. In the words of the sages of our age, "Be Gay, Do Crimes" <3

That's neat! I'm working on a Martian (Russian-English) creole language for a sci-fi story

Keeping the Lights On is a GM-less game about a Jewish congregation that is struggling to keep their syngagogue from closing while trying not to burn out in the process. The game is played with a dreidel and some matches. It's a game about hope, unity, light, and community and your responsibility to it.  You can find it here:

You will get:

  • A 13-page tabletop rpg for 4 players
  • A gorgeous pdf with art and nice layout
  • My endless gratitude

When you buy a copy, you will donate a free copy to someone else who can't afford it. Paying it forward is cool and good!

Shabbat Shalom,

This is a just amazing for a jam entry! The art is polished, the music is evocative and loops well, and the puzzles are really interesting and fun. And despite platformers being my worst genre (as in I'm really bad at them and therefore don't bother), the jumping, running, and pouncing was really smooth and the difficulty wasn't overwhelming but not boring either! Really good job! If I could rate, I'd give you 5 stars across the board!

Yes, sure!

Sure! Whatever gets you working on something cool :)

It is actually pretty much what it says on the tin. But you can try out the Konami Code and see what happens?

Thanks again for playing! To answer your questions:

1) The map, the arrows, and the room connections *are* logically consistent. There *is* a pattern to it, but obviously I'm not going to reveal it here. ;)

2) No! Absolutely not! The feeling of confusion is exactly what I wanted to invoke with this game!

3) It doesn't exactly mean anything. It's just an easter egg.

This is really cool, though! I love 2-dimensional writing systems, they're some of the coolest thing about conlanging. You can pretty much do things that barely any languages do in real life. I like the circular design also! Very pleasing to look at.

Thank you for your comment! There might come an update, but I don't know yet. <3

Hi conlangers! The jam has now officially started! YAY.

I wanted to make this thread so you had a place to post your works in progress. If you made something that you want to show during the jam - to inspire or to boast, post it here!

I hope  you all have a great time conlanging, and if you have any questions, just post a new thread here in the forum!

Thank you! That was the main thing we were going for, so it means a lot to us that you like it!

First of all, thank you for taking the time to play it again! And, being able to activate the statues out of order would be so cool! Definitely something I'd implement for an update. (although the list is loooong). Thank you for your feedback <3

I watched your stream of my game, and your reactions to it were worth a lot to us! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. <3

Unfortunately, we can't boast that we did the modeling or voice acting (it *is* TTS put through a reverb filter). But getting real voice acting is high on the list of changes to make. But nonetheless, we worked very intensely on this game, so seeing people play it as intended always makes my heart flutter a bit. So thank you for playing. Also yes, the cinematics are made with Cinemachine. B)

Hi. I'm glad you had a good experience. I know the gameplay is a bit lacking, but thanks for telling me! I seriously overestimated the scope of the game on the first day, so there wasn't much time to really do much for the "game" part of the game.  Weird with the sound though. Thank you for your feedback!

Aww, good answer!

Oh my! I'm happy that you got something out of it, even without most of the gameplay! I'm curious though how you weren't bothered by the cat constantly mewing at you ^_^' I'm glad you liked it, nonetheless!

Hi! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing! You are the first person, I've seen playing my game, so it means a lot to me that you put in the time to finish the game! Thank you again <3

This is a really cool idea for game, and it's well executed too! I liked just about everything in it! A pedantic bit of critique for me, would be I'd like to be eased into doing combos. But there's only so much you can do in a weekend. Kudos!

Really cool atmosphere in the game! I like the art (good wall slide animation!). The controls felt a little off to me, and I would've liked the character to not move so fast, but a nice game overall!

The music is nice. And I'm really bad at platformers, so I wasn't able to complete it, but I liked what I got to play! :)

Really nice art style. Very soothing music. The beast is really cute. <3
It's a shame you weren't able to finish on time, cause this could become a very nice game once the gameplay is in place!

That was an interesting ride! Very impressive what you managed to do in a day. :) 
I had a little trouble hearing what the narrator voice was saying. Other than that I found the game difficult, but I'm not at all good at platforming! :P But the music was very fitting and not too busy.

Hi! Yes that would be a splendid way to showcase your work! I would love to see it for this jam. In general, if you have a creative way of showing us your language, please do! It's always interesting to see what people make of it. :)

Hi, John and everyone! Thank you for starting this thread! And welcome aboard - I'm happy you're excited! And I'm happy we have another experienced soul with us~

A little about myself: As you've guessed, my name is Florence, and I am officially the one hosting the jam (although the title of host doesn't hold any real weight for me). I am a conlanger with many years behind me (6 or 7 maybe?) and it was the catalyst for my general interest in linguistics. I'm not the best at sticking to one project, so that is partly why I made this jam! I think many conlangers share this issue which is why I wanted to extend a motivting hand to any interested paties. I am not fluent nor conversationally able in any conlang - my interest lies more in having my fictional peoples speak and write the conlangs I make. 

As I've written on the jam page, do ask any questions you might have (about the jam or conlanging in general) and if I can't answer - maybe someone else can or we'll figure it out together!

Cheers, Florence