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Just watched ur vid. I wanna see u grow!!!!

This game is polished, has sounds, great gameplay mechanic and overall is amazing! 

Just ahhhh amazing game with a cool set of sound effects that you used from Mark's Brown videos. The gameplay was extremely fun as it felt as if you were coding just like we do! But muuuuchhh easier and funnnerr

Amazing game! Wonky physics but understandble in a game jam!!

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HAHA made it to end!! btw: luv. dis. game.

Very neat game! For the first few levels i actually didnt know that you dont have control while not in a tower's range. But that became evident pretty fast! Nice game with level picker which you dont always see in jam games

I was going down the ladder on the far left, and then i was also moving left and then i just fell of the map in the corner. I dont think its much so its fine. But nice to see that all of you had fun making it! Cuz jams are for fun not always the prizes and the ranks.

Discovered a bug with the latter sometimes sending u off the screen, but its a jam game so who cares? The artwork is amazzinggggg but it felt overwhelming when i first started the game. Overall amazing!

The music and audio is very pleasing to the ear. Such a simple game, yet sooooo muuuchhh fuunnnn

The way you incorporated the theme into this game is brilliant! The art also fits it perfectly.

Thx! Btw a good tip is to make your game playable in browser as that would allow more ppl to see it and rate it. Just a tip.

Yes the length and the checkpoints was what i thought about the most as it would allow the player time to adapt to their controls and then do the part of the level until they reach their next checkpoint. Thx for the commment!

This is amazing!!! Such a polished game, great mechanic! Ppl seem to complain about the movement, but I think its the sword the really sells the gameplay. Not the actual movement. The throwing was nice and the level design, just amazing!

The mechanic though is amazing. Very well thought out

How did you make this in 48 hours!!!? This is amazing!! Sound, UI, lore, and GREAT representation of the theme!! 

Wow.... amazing

WOW!! Dude how did you have the time to make like the planet?? Is it in 3D? Overall amazing. The sound quality is good and polished gam

Well yah, there are two weapons, but I didnt feel very inspired. But thank you for the comment!

Very polished and neat!

.... 4 boo00l

Haha noice one mate!

Yes I know about the wall-sliding and everything. This was my first ever game that I did completely on my own with the art all mine. I didn't know how to fix the sliding but I am updating the game and learning from my mistakes.  Thank you for responding tho! Btw when is the next video coming out?

Amazing puzzle game!! But extremely hard to solve.

Thank you! I will be updating the game's movement and the overall artwork and maps when I get the chance.

Extremely AMAZING!!! Just yah everything is amazing! How you pulled this off in 72 hours i have  no idea

Wow just amazing artwork and great concept! Its just that the movement was a little wonky.

Thank you for the nice response! I'm getting a lot of good feedback lately. After the jam is finished I will work on this game to make it the best that it can be.

Haha I also played your game

Wow really! Thank youuu

Thank you for such a detailed response! And yes I will fix the jumping and the colliders after the jam is completed 👌 

No problem! Btw I played your game it was a pretty cool game mechanic with the key having to be the right size

Yes I am planning to fix the colliders and on the ground and corners as well as improve the enemies a bit and a health bar to indicate your size. There also might be some collectibles such as when you hit an enemy it drops a potion which makes you bigger and all that. I could really expand this now that I'm typing out these ideas.....

I luv the artwork but it the shooting effect is a little excessive but that comes with game jams. Overall Pretty noice!

I can't believe you replied! I played your game for soooo long! Thankssss.

Thank you so much! I played your game and it felt fun as well! Glad you liked it.

Thank you sooo muchh. I played ur game btw it was amazing

I like the sound effects and the gameplay is very fun and relaxing!

Love the graphics yet I would recommend making it on the browser because ppl rarely donwload game jams

Interesting way of showing the tutorial! Felt buggy in some places but that comes in game jams. 

Dang son.... you are high up on those ratings! luv it