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@Quicklyer Thank you!

@Frump Thank you! Yeah I kinda figured most people would just end up running past everything when they realized there was no damage. But I've actually got a new build of the game ready to upload once the voting ends. It includes a player health bar, damage, death, and respawn checkpoints. Just so there's a little more incentive to actually remember the attack button. ;)

@Warmonger Thanks very much!

@LCom Haha, thank you!

@MiniChimera Thanks very much! The nice glow of the neon was largely done with the bloom effect that comes with Unity. It takes some fine tuning to get it look right, but just make sure the neon sprite has a material unaffected by lights so it's always bright and toss a point light next to it, and it'll get there.

@Aska and @jwang19 you're super right about the controls! I guess I just got used to using the F key since I use the same WASD + F combo in the other game I've been making, but I made a quick change to the inputs in Unity just now, and using the mouse definitely feels good! Two hands is the way to go for sure.

I feel like since it's so far past the deadline, that updating the game now with changes based on your guys suggestions wouldn't be a good idea. Maybe after the voting ends? Thanks again!

Whoa! Thank you so much everybody for playing and giving feedback! I really appreciate it!

@joystickhero Yeah having multiple phrases was definitely on my list of to-dos, but it kinda fell to the wayside as I was trying to finish everything else.

@PolarisInParis and @jwang19 you guys are totally right about it being weird that you don't take damage. It pains me that I couldn't figure out a good save/load or checkpoint system in time. As I was working on it, I decided to simply focus on making more art and building out a bigger level rather than spending time on player death. I could have implemented a pretty quick solution to just reload the game if the player took too many hits, but I thought the level was just a little too long for that, and it would end up being annoying or frustrating if the player had to restart the whole thing. And I would rather people actually see everything I put in there, instead of quitting before it was over.