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Thanks for the detailed reply! I will try to write down some specific cards and things as I play more but for now I cannot think of anything specific. I also haven't made it past the second zone yet so I am probably missing a lot of the game! 

In regards to the leveling system I like the idea of getting better rarity cards the higher level you are. I just wish there were more options which is what I am used to from other games like Dream Quest and Slay the Spire. However if you wanted smaller pool of cards then that makes sense. I just feel like that small pool makes the leadership deck feel very similar each play through. I haven't unlocked any other classes though so I am not sure if those change that up at all. 

Hi there, really loving the style of the game. Wanted to post a few bits of feedback from my first 10ish hours of play. 

1) Leadership cards don't feel impactful enough. Many of them feel very weak or "filler". 

2) The wound system is interesting but I don't think it plays very well. Constantly having to remove people from my deck after every combat is tedious. Perhaps the point is to only remove rare cards from the deck as the common is mostly chaff. I don't really know I just don't like how it plays and I have been largely ignoring the mechanic after the first few playthroughs so as to not have to sit in the menus forever. 

3) Leveling up does not feel impactful enough. I often see the same 3-5 cards every time I level up and none of them are particularly interesting cards to begin with. I'm not sure if you unlock more card options as you progress or what but  often leveling up just puts overly situational cards into my deck. 

4) Not sure if this is a bug or intended but the card that gives +4/-2 will not kill units with two or less health. It just gives the attack buff.