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This game is so beautiful, and yet SO STRESSFUL xD I love it, very original concept and great execution :D

I survived till day 137 :D That was very good, a liiiiitle bit too luck based for my taste, but still amazing game for a jam :D I found myself groaning every time more people joined my group, because of how fast that destroyed food supplies, with no good benefit from my groups numbers xD This has a lot of potential, good work!

This one is a real gem, it actually made me smile :D I love the humor and the presentation, I'll be sure to recommend it to my team so they can play it too, because that is impressive! Thatnk You for making this game :)

None of us is native english speaker, and we had no time to focus on things like that, sorry ;D If we decide to polish it after jam, we will surely improve it and fix any mistakes :)

Finished it, very well done :D Such a cool concept, Cyberpunk 2077 has strong competition now! I really like the feel and idea behind this game, huge respect for creating this by Yourself!

Thank You very much for Your time and feedback! :D

This game is surprisingly hard :D I play a lots of platformers, but this one defeated me. It's great nevertheless. One thing that I don't like very much is few different pixel sizes in art, but that's my personal preference :) Well done!

Thank You, and yeah, we agree :D This jam taught us to never leave sounds for the last minute ;D

161.99 seconds :D

Great idea, I love how You came up with concept that requires minimal assets, and yet is super FUN! Really well done :)

Thank You, We appreciate Your time ^^

Very nice twist on classic minesweeper ideas, I like how You mixed in jam theme into it :) Nice work!

Thank You, likewise! :D

Hey there, included downloadable version is resizable, I code very casually, so I'm not yet sure how to make html version on Itch to resize and fit the smaller screens, but I will look into it! :)

How in world You managed to create this in just three days, are You time traveling too? This is incredible! Controls felt smooth, presentation was stunning (my jaw dropped when I saw that You can unlock additional skins for the ship), and music was pleasant and fit the overall tone. Huge respect, and great work, fellow "-naut" ;D

This is such a cool little game :D Very adorable from art to the sound of cat footsteps. And the moment that cat started spinning in zero g was surprisingly funny  for me. I managed to break it once, by being transferred out of bounds with gravity changer, but I could not reproduce it after. I liked the overall concept, games based on changing gravity are not easy to pull off (I know that from experience) and here it works really smooth and well. Overall very enjoyable, hope You make more of this, great work for a jam game :)

Hello, and thank You so much for playing and feedback :) We tuned down the powertool sounds to about 30% of what they were, sorry for that inconvenience, they were pretty loud indeed. We had very short time to make it, since this was made during game jam, and we implemented sounds at the last moment (lesson learned). The game may feel weird because we really try to experiment with our games during jams, and we try to avoid known and tested solutions as much as possible ;D Once again, thank You for giving us Your time!

I love this so much :D Amazing work, I used to have few of those exact games as a child, and I would absolutely play this one too :)

This is my favourite one so far :D

I restored missing thrid frame :D I can't believe this was made in such a short time, amazing work. It was like three games in one :D And the art was beautiful!

I've won :D This is a lot done in one day, I really like the lightning system in this. Wish there was more levels, this concept has a lot of potential.

It looks great and plays great :D I am really amazed of how well You used pico8 in this game, makes me really wanna finally learn it. Good job!

I like this, it's just fun to play :D This will be a game I will go back to!

Looks very, very cute, but I can't figure out how to avoid that hamster xD Gets me every time!

Nice one, it's not easy to make platformer in 72h ^^ I agree with iPhellix, the camera could be higher, or further away so that the player can see more of the level :) Good job!

Cute concept, made me realize how bad my memory is xD Good job! I've bought the licence and built the web version to solve that problem :D

I managed to beat it on my second try, by standing on rightmost gray blocks :P I love the concept, it is a great take on pang mechanic, I would agree that it needs some balancing, but I see a lot of potential here. Good job :)

I wish I could make a Mac build, but GM2 licence for it is crazy expensive for hobby development ;D One day I'll get it for sure!

Thank You! :D And with that misspell, it's the fault of the font, it is a liiiiiitlle bit unclear indeed ;)

Thank You very much for taking time to play and feedback! And I agree, we could do more with some visual effects, I really find them to be my weak point as a programmer, because I usually do the design part :) We will surely pay more attention to it in our next game, and I myself would love to learn some ways to make it more visually appealing.

That pony is too adorable xD

Hey, thanks for playing! Yes, and quite a few rooms have those hidden diamonds in them! But in retrospective, most are in very tricky places, and You would need to really carefully explore each level to find them. I will add a list of levels that actually have them in next dev log :)

Thank You for the feedback ^^ I will add second player control on keyboard after jam is over as leaving it only on joypad was a mistake on my side :l I'm glad You liked it anyway!

The one that played like Flappy Bird

That was amazing, fitting so much content and assets into a game jam is nothing short of impressive. It also made me realise that maybe I should get a team for next jam :D Great work, I want to play it some more now.

1 thing I noticed, while on difficult map, losing on first level didn't cost me any lives.

Thank You very much for playing, I was thinking about making AI for single player, but immidietly dropped that because of time restrictions and lack of experience that would probably kill this project if I tried. But, I'll surely try making it after the Jam is over. Thank You for Your time and feedback :)

Hahah :D After Jam I got to conclusion that I should've made second player controlls on other side of keyboard, but I was afraid input will get blocked with players pressing too many buttons at the same time. Lesson learned, thank You very much for playing :)

Thank You for feedback and for playing. Maybe more versions of that sound effect would help with this issue, I'll keep that in mind for future projects.

That was simply heartwarming :)

Hello fellow first timers :D I had so much fun I already search for another jam I could join. I missed most of friday because work, and my project turned out simple and clunky, but I was never more proud of making something. That was great experience!