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Looks like Unreal Engine :)

Hey - 
Just curious if there is support for rendering out the Particle FX from an isometric perspective?

Going to echo this sentiment as well. It is an amazing tool. Thank you :)

Thank heavens for the simplified material setup :)

Thanks for the information Kenny. Really happy to hear about the features of the new version :)

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Being able to set the scale for each object on export would be a great addition to Asset Forge.

For example: The default scale of asset forge asset in UE4 are way to small at the default size.

Giving this a +1 as well :)

I would be interested in this :)

Looking forward to the Patreon campaign.

Thank you for considering it. :)

Hey Sprytile community,

What am I working on?
I am working on game environment inspired by the original GTA games.
What am problem am I running into?
I am running into some workflow related issues with Sprytile. I am trying to rapidly create buildings with Sprytile. Pretty much the buildings are just extrusions from the ground most of the time.. Currently I need to paint out the Buildings. This takes up some time. I feel that this process could be faster.

What I would like to have?
Some sort of extrude tool that extrudes a certain amount of user defined blender units and a certain amount of user defined rows. I would nice to  have the faces of each row to be textured if possible by a pre-selected sprite from the sprite atlas before I begin the extrude process.

How would this work?
1. Select a sprite from the texture atlas.
2. Create a Ground to extrude from.
3. Select the area that you want to extrude.
4. Select the tile you want for the ground floor.
5. Extrude the ground floor.
6. Select a texture for the other floors.
7, Repeat for other floors until finished.

If what i described does not make sense read this article.
If this is covered some other tool in Sprytile. Forgive me - I am still new to the tool and have much to learn.

Thank you for your time,

Hey a few notes

1. I love the overall art style of your game.

2. The Link to your musicians sound cloud does not work.

3. Keep on rocking! \m/

Updated WOOO!

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Urho3D -

Get -

Instructions - Use Version 1.3 to get Raspberry Pi compatibility.

Unreal Engine 4 -

Get -

Instructions -

PyGame -

Get -

Instructions -


Get -

Instructions - See the Readme.MD


Get -

Instructions - Could not find any. :(

More Coming soon as I dig them up.

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