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Hey rat king,
Thank you for the in-depth reply. Good to hear that you are thinking about changing the default size of the chunks. If you do not mind me asking. What further optimizations do you have in mind for bloed? 

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Hey Rat King - I have two feature requests for Bloed.
First off let me say that - I love this tool. It is amazing and I love it. It is mostly perfect for my needs. Here is what I would like to see improved with the tool.

1. Would it be possible to get some form of customizable chunking system with Level of Detail support? This would be useful for larger environments.
Here are some wiki articles on the subject from the Minecraft wiki. Link 1 Link 2 
Here is what I mean by customizable chunking system.
- The ability to customize the default size of a chunk in blocks along the X, Y, Z.
- The ability to customize the amount of Chunks along the X, Y, or Z
2. Would it be possible to get some form of greedy meshing algorithm for optimization? 
Here is an article on the subject. Link and sample code on how to do it.

Both of these would greatly improve FPS. To give some context on why I am wanting these two features I am building a moderately sized VR game and VR games are very frame rate dependent in order to not make people sick.

If this would be possible please let me know.
Thank you for your time,

Does this work in Godot engine 4?

This is pretty fun.

Hey, this is really cool. A few questions for you about this template.

1. Is this using signals?
2. What is the license for this template?
3. Will this work with Godot 4? 

Poggers moment!

Epic Gamer Moment.

Thank  you so much. :) 

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Hey - I am looking at using World Shaper with Unreal Engine. Would it be possible to get support for exporting 8 and 16 bit heightmaps opposed to just .obj files? I want to point out that unreal uses non power of two heightmap sizes which you can find under the "overall size" column in the UE landscape technical guide

Thank you :)

Could you provide a link to your github or gitlab where you have the updated script? 

Invalid invite for the discord link.

These look awesome!

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Hey got a request for Godot Game tools. Would it be possible to add support for renaming the Mixamo Rig to fit the UE4 Human Rig naming conventions?

Just curious :) 

Just purchased this tool. Really happy to see it getting updates :D

I am happy that you fixed the editor hang. :)

Awesome to hear! I am happy that you made this tool :)

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I downloaded MAST a few hours ago and I love it. Here are some suggestions on some tools that can improve MAST :)

Drag 'n Paint
Being able to drag with an prefab selected and have it paint continuously as you drag the mouse. This would be great for floor tiles, Walls, and the like.

Flood Fill within selection
Drag out a selection on the grid. After you confirm your selection the tool will flood fill the selection. 

Hopefully these additional tools make sense in how I described them. Thank you for making this awesome tool! :)

Hey this is pretty cool :)

Thank you for the info :)

Does this support Windows Mixed Reality headsets?

I have a few questions about the Dragon Ruby Game Toolkit.
1. Are there any plans to support files from Tiled Map editor? .TMX and .JSON
2. Is there any form of networking API I can expand on?

Looks like Unreal Engine :)

Hey - 
Just curious if there is support for rendering out the Particle FX from an isometric perspective?

Going to echo this sentiment as well. It is an amazing tool. Thank you :)

Thank heavens for the simplified material setup :)

Thanks for the information Kenny. Really happy to hear about the features of the new version :)

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Being able to set the scale for each object on export would be a great addition to Asset Forge.

For example: The default scale of asset forge asset in UE4 are way to small at the default size.

Giving this a +1 as well :)

I would be interested in this :)

I just purchased RPG in a Box.

May I have access to the discord server?

Looking forward to the Patreon campaign.

Thank you for considering it. :)

Hey Sprytile community,

What am I working on?
I am working on game environment inspired by the original GTA games.
What am problem am I running into?
I am running into some workflow related issues with Sprytile. I am trying to rapidly create buildings with Sprytile. Pretty much the buildings are just extrusions from the ground most of the time.. Currently I need to paint out the Buildings. This takes up some time. I feel that this process could be faster.

What I would like to have?
Some sort of extrude tool that extrudes a certain amount of user defined blender units and a certain amount of user defined rows. I would nice to  have the faces of each row to be textured if possible by a pre-selected sprite from the sprite atlas before I begin the extrude process.

How would this work?
1. Select a sprite from the texture atlas.
2. Create a Ground to extrude from.
3. Select the area that you want to extrude.
4. Select the tile you want for the ground floor.
5. Extrude the ground floor.
6. Select a texture for the other floors.
7, Repeat for other floors until finished.

If what i described does not make sense read this article.
If this is covered some other tool in Sprytile. Forgive me - I am still new to the tool and have much to learn.

Thank you for your time,

Updated WOOO!

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Urho3D -

Get -

Instructions - Use Version 1.3 to get Raspberry Pi compatibility.

Unreal Engine 4 -

Get -

Instructions -

PyGame -

Get -

Instructions -


Get -

Instructions - See the Readme.MD


Get -

Instructions - Could not find any. :(

More Coming soon as I dig them up.

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