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Thank you for your nice gameplay video! It really gives people a better look at the game. 

We're working very hard on a trailer etc... Multiplayer is still a work in progress but you can enjoy the singleplayer!

Hello, I understand why you are hesistating but the game is 1,2 gb, I've put the game online in a database and made a launcher. This way I've reduced the file size to 30 mb, then I've made a setup and that's why it's only 6mb. 

Sorry for the inconvenience! 

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Death Before Escape

This is the game we've al been waiting for. Try fixing generators while running away from a killer. Are you brave enough to encounter the furious killer? I don't think so... But perhaps you can convince us by having a look at our game and perhaps buying and playing it will help!

  • Adrenaline
  • Killers
  • Survivors
  • Maps
  • Generators
  • Medkits
  • Everything you want!

The HDG-Team is eager to see you playing