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"hbholland" is fine, I'm glad you liked the suggestion! And I do understand not wanting to put too much information onscreen, it does allow for better immersion when you aren't constantly being reminded of various stats. Thanks so much for answering my questions!

I've just started playing this and I'm having a lot of fun with it! My first character was doing fairly well until I encountered spoilers on the 2nd level of the spoiler. Which left me with a few questions:

1) Does raising the Escape skill allow me to move faster in general, or is it only in specific situations?

2) Why can't I escape from combat via the stairs?

3) What's happening with the skill boosts at sunrise? Does the game track your actions and add points accordingly?

And then some other general questions and suggestions, if you care to read them:

4) Is there any reason why carry weight/capacity can't be viewable in the inventory menu, not just buried in the Character Details?

5) Also regarding inventory, it's a bit visually cluttered to read "uncursed" before nearly every item on the list than it would be without. Instead, maybe make unidentified items a lighter color and/or put a question mark or other symbol before to mark their status as unrevealed, while normal, identified items can just say "plate armor" or "cabbage."

6) Shouldn't skinning people and tanning them be frowned upon, like cannibalism is? I took Aurelion as my deity, and he didn't seem to have a problem with this -

(One of Garros' fellow graverobbers actually came out as a -blessed- pair of boots, which from a lore perspective is worrying.) Admittedly I wasn't really roleplaying it, just skinning whatever left a corpse to flog for ivory.

7) Is the pickaxe supposed to be usable on walls in some parts of Carcassia? I noticed in other persistent maps like the village and the keep I was prevented from using it, but I accidentally broke a wall in one of the city maps, C1 if I'm remembering right.

8) Is there a way to change autopickup settings in the game (besides toggling on/off with '!'), or do I have to edit the .ini each time?

Sorry for the long list of nitpicks! I'm loving this game and I haven't even seen half of it yet. The writing especially is beautiful!

Great game - the clues to the puzzles felt tough but fair, I only wish there were more of them! The music added a lot to the mood of the game, although I did find myself turning up the volume to hear the narration, then back down again when the music picked up. 

I did want to point out a couple of places where I broke things and had to restart the game:

1) At one point I closed the sliding gate (the one in the corner where you start out) on myself out of frustration and ended up stuck, unable to see anything and unable to find or interact with the switch to open the gate back up. 

2) In the corner across from where you start (the one with the puzzle on one side and the gate on the other), I pressed the button to open the stairs and walked out while the stairs were coming out, without opening the gate on the other side or switching on all the wires in that corner - so after the stairs opened I couldn't get back in to open the gate and finish things in there. Maybe make it so you can fall off the top of the stairs just in case.

Overall, it was a short but sweet experience! Keep making puzzles!