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I see an option in controls for WASD how do I use those cause I tried and it didn't work. only the ZQSD and arrow keys worked 

would love to see some English text in on the game. 

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Why is this no longer for Mac I'm pretty sure I played this once before and I'm on a Mac ?

If someone was to make a video on this game wouldn't they get a copyright notice cause of the music videos ?

Having an issue playing this on my Mac I keep getting a thing saying the game is damaged and can't be opened ?

I recorded a video on the Baldi's Basics Field Trip demo hope you like what I have to show. Put a few little edits in which I thought were pretty cool. Oh and also pretty awesome demo looking forward to seeing what else happens

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Awesome game I really enjoyed it managed to get through the first 2 nights which I'm surprised by honestly. Sad to see I got  copyright I thought that issue was fixed or am I missing something. But yeah anyways good game and can't wait to see what you do next :)

how does one open this game on Mac I've tried to but all it says is
Error extracting 'Pincer.exe' Invalid Format ??

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The guy named Hazz here just letting you know I played your game and it was awesome. The game was quite wacky and creative I really enjoyed playing it. I may come back to it again sometime to see if I can get to the end

Hey I made a video for your game. I thought it was great, kinda sad that when you die you have to play the game all over again. But apart from that the game was cool. Oh and the monsters in the game looked really awesome. I would rate this a 6/10