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I don't know where to post this but I want to talk about it and I want your guy's thoughts on this and maybe can help me out

so I finally made a game and it was great I had a fun experience with it plus I love to make a simple game with good storytelling, however, working on it got me thinking of a few things

The thing is I want to make a game that I have been preparing for years but I always come back to being afraid

cause if I do game making I am going to get a big responsibility while making this and hiring people, and this is making me not take the first step

and then I thought I'd make it to a novel and write stories about it. I will have more control over my things but again I stopped and took a step back

I have been struggling with what to choose for 2 years and almost

The reason is this, I want the audience, to read it or play it

The whole reason I choose game dev is that I will get more people to play it and interact with it and if I choose to do a novel then there are going be less of people who would be instead to read it, (I don't know if people still seem to find reading fun or would their rather play it or watch it)

I thought that gaming would work, but now I don't know

I want to do one of those things but I am afraid because one is simple and I will have more things under control but the other one is more work and keeping an eye on everything, 

I just want people to experience this story.. either a game or a novel

I don't know what to choose, if you guys could give me some advice or info on what to do that would help a bit for me 

Thank you so much glad you enjoyed it

and it’s okay that you could not find all the hidden places but you Can always come back to it thank you again💙

thank youuuu💙

I am really happy to announce that I am finished with my first game after 5 months, it’s a Big accomplishment for me, I could have not done it without the amazing people that helped me with this

It’s only around 10 to 15 min but still, I am happy that I made something finished!

This is a small simple game,  feel free to have a look I’d appreciate it if you Could give it some time to play it

The game is a simple platform with the goal to reach the surface to see the stars and to take pictures too around your area

And the people are cubes yep that’s right cubes^^

hello, there thank you for being interested but I am sorry to tell you that I have already found a composer, 

your work is pretty good, i loved the soundtrack sameples that you had, 

I wish you a goodie luck and hope you find a project to join for your awsome skills!

hello there thank you for being interested but I am sorry to tell you that I have already found a composer, but I wish you a goodie luck and hope you will find a project to join 

thank you for your interest 

i have send you a request on discord

hello there, 

thank for taking your time to replaying to this post, i have listen your work, they are pretty amazing they really are, but i am sorry that i gotta say no, this is mostly a free work project

But i wish you guys goodluck on your journey and hope you guys get to join a goodie game project

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Hello there, I am looking for a Composer for a little small game, it's nothing big game, and it's mostly for fun, so if you have time and if you want to join this little project that would be great

I just need 6 tracks of music, if you wanna know more about it then feel free to reply with your discord name then we can talk about it

have a goodie good day/ night and thank you for taking the time for reading this  

hallo there McCrackenMusic, first I want to say that your demo reel of music was pretty good I enjoyed it pretty good work you have done, I am on the lookout for a composer to help me with my game, 

the game is a simple short platformer and it's mostly focused on the story where the goal is to reach the top ground, it's my first time making this and I need some help with making music, if you are interested in this little short game then feel free to respond here and I'll contact you on discord and tell you more about it

hello there thanks for reaching out^^

do you have discord if so send me your name so we can talk about it^^

hej Heya I am an artist looking for a programmer to help me make a small little game for fun.

I have some experience, in unity not a lot or crazy, i made some prototype of few things just those

(I Can only take screenshot since videos files are too big to send sorry about it)

But i thought it would be fun to make something for once insted of testing all the time and not understanding, that’s why i need help

I want to make a small 2d platform puzzle story game,  

if you are interested hit me up^^

Thank you for taking your time Reading this

sweet thankie alot!

 I want to ask, can you make a prototype with a little animation like a showcase example?

programming has never been my thing been trying it for years that's why I am asking