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Nice Work! I really like how I was always aware of how many jumps I had with the circles, that can sometimes be frustrating to think you have a jump and then not. One little thing that I may have missed was the hi score during gameplay. I think it adds to the adrenaline rush to be able to always see the high-score.

Super clever idea, fits the theme well! Wish I had thought of it! Put in a good dose bit of fine tuning (ball/paddle speed/size) and aesthetic polish (y'know, game 'juice') maybe mix in some more game modes and I could see this as a mobile game !

I like this as a potential puzzle-esque twist on wario-ware type games I think that it would be really cool if you could solve each scenario in several different ways depending on what you choose, like if you could somehow avoid the spikes by destroying them with bullets or something. That could really open possibilities up. I really like your game and its potential!

Cool idea and very well executed

I hate puzzle games but I have a feeling that this is really good. It is deceptively simple looking but really involved once you figure all the working parts of the game. Good Job!

I though this game was super cool. I would have loved to see the bullet trajectory get even weirder. Like orbiting or pushing in addition to the pulling. Or even have friendly fire turned on so you have to avoid the chaos that you're creating. Just the fact that this game has got my head churning like this proves that it has loads of potential

REALLY Cool Idea a neat spin on the kill yourself the fastest games that I remember on flash websites as a kid

I think this is an example of how omission of info can lead to interesting gameplay

This was simply a cool game, I enjoyed it a lot!

Well of course removing mechanics of a game will change the game. The game jam is to explore what kind of games can be made by doing so. A game can't be disqualified because it discovered that removing the hacking and slashing from a hack and slash game makes it into a "sort of RPG". Discovering these things is the point of the game jam ;)

Interesting idea that could lead to so many possibilities! Good Job!

Cool Game I would love to see this developed further!

I like this puzzle game 

Interesting concept would be perfect for mobile I think, It reminds me of sling knight

Awesome Idea, The camera was crazy dazy though

Cool Idea

Nice Idea and was really fun can't wait to see how this could be taken further

This was really fun I can see it being taken further!

I fell in love with this game even though I hate puzzles, probably because of the cutesy SFX

Nice Idea and I like how it almost became a rhythm game with how the music queued the apple

Waaaaay Hard

Best Idea I've seen so far and it was a really fun game to play too!

This game was all around a pleasant experience I liked the gameplay twist too!

Really nice aesthetics, controls were tough though

SUPER cool idea, This should be further developed

This was fun and a little  addictive too

I liked Your game