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FINLAAAAAAAAND! (Sorry, I'm just hyped for this game haha)

Hey! Thanks for checking out the game mate, yeah the game's not perfect but it is my first game and I've still got alot to improve in terms of game development. Got more projects in line coming up that'll have alot more gameplay so if you're interested in my work, you can follow my itch page for future updates. I mainly post updates on my Twitter @HawkerenYT where I'll share W.I.P stuff related to new projects I'm working on. :D

The game is finished, just updates to fix minor issues is all.

You're really listening out for a sound that stands out from the music. ;)

Hi there, glad you enjoyed the game! To answer your question, no that 'certain something' wasn't programmed to intentionally lead you to the end. If the title of the file didn't have V2 at the end of it, you were playing the first version of the game. Otherwise, I might need to make the audio cue a little bit louder so it stands out more and that people can follow it.

Other than that, thank you for taking a look at my game and there's more to come soon. (Hopefully haha).

Really enjoyed Number 94, the asethetic was perfect in this game and I really dug the atmosphere and gameplay of it all. :D

Released a new updated version of the game to improve gameplay as well as fix major bugs, I also released a devlog regarding the new update, check it out if you're interested. :)

Thanks! :D

Okay, so there seems to be an issue with the resolution where text is getting cut off. I don't know what's causing it but I'll need to look into that.

Hey, the Windows application doesn't work, it's missing content and I can't play the game.

Fantastic game and hillarious fun! It just needs a little bit more original assets and online multiplayer, matchmaking, server creation and this game will be perfect!