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Thanks! I’m happy you liked it

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It is the only level of the game but I agree it’s too long I wanted to make checkpoints but it would be impossible for me to submit on time. Thanks for playing and the feedback, would you kindly leave your rating vote on jam page also? :)

I'm impressed how many gameplay mechanics you were able to fit into your game. I can't say I like the graphics though, music theme is funny and even with short loop doesn't get annoying. I certainly had fun playing it, well done!

This game is really good. I also had problem figuring out what has to be done at first but later it was fun. It has really annoying bug that cake is not always pickable and made me fail few times. But I liked the graphics, music and the game was fun. Good job

Nice game! It has some issues with difficulty scaling but I enjoyed playing it.

This game is pure magic! Cutscenes are absolutely awesome, audio sets up the mood perfectly, graphical concept is executed very well. I think it has huge potential to be expanded into full game with some additions in gameplay. I think it has huge potential to be my favourite game of the jam.

I don't understand why male character is able to rotate in place without moving and female don't, it's confusing and has to be taken into consideration during resolving levels. Generally I like the idea of the game and it's executed quite well.

For the good: idea of game. For the bad: graphics, difficulty. Words are falling too fast, one mistake and you're almost certain to fail. It could start falling slow and then faster as player is scoring. Also I don't exactly see connection to the theme except title.

Very nice graphics and beautiful audio. I must admit I didn't finished it cause it is little bit too hard. I agree with Igor comment that first level was too hard. I sometime was feeling that it's not my lack of skill but fault of the game that I'm constantly dying. Anyway I think it is very nice game generally.

Character design is super funny, I love jumping sprite most gave me lots of laugh. I passed all three levels and I must say I was very close from leaving the game after multiple falling down to the beginning. There is very common practice in platformer games that jump is still allowed when player is slightly out of platform, with such quick movement of main character this would improve perception of the gameplay mechanics. I miss some funny audiotrack to build atmosphere of the game. Decent work generally, good luck with your future games!

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Game is really beautiful and graphics as for 7 days of work are very well done. Atmosphere is magical. Mostly audio is also very nice. I like the main idea of the game but unfortunately I found few issues that stopped me from having fun from the game:

1. When you run out of power, audio overlaps with main theme causing unpleasant cacophony

2. When I failed first and wanted to play again minimap wasn't working and travelers were not generated. I had to close down game and run it again.

3. At some point main character disappeared even though I just fueled the power with some new people.

4. Camera is to close of the main character. I didn't see my followers well, mostly I was randomly started singing take two or three steps, sing again, repeat until I followed them to the cave. This mechanic just doesn't feel well, when you stop singing ther are going away to fast to get them to the goal.

I don't want you to feel bad because of my feedback! Generally you did well, with some improvements that would be very nice game!

This game is pretty hard, has beautiful animations and graphice and terrible audio :D I couldn't pass through the second level, AI sometimes does weird stuff and peasants are often staying in one place or running around without sense. Generally I like it and I find it good piece of work.

This game is super fun, has nice graphics and the whole concept of mixing mechanics from few well known games is completely awesome. I remember progress updates of the game and how much I wanted to play it then. Zero disappointment, much fun. Wonderful job! I wish it had some audio that I could give 5/5

I love every part of this game, mechanics are smooth and fun, lot of action, wonderful graphics and effects, music giving the right beat to the game. Fantastic! Would you share maybe with me how did you achieved the lighting effect? I'd really appreciate that. Thanks!

This game is scary! Getting dark atmosphere is not easy, but music and level design makes you feel that you are constantly in danger. I couldn't finish it unfortunately as I'm not very good at handling scary stuff haha but definitely this is a good game.

Beatiful and challenging game. Everything is on point here really!

I regret that there are only two levels it started to be fun! I like the idea of game very much, good job!

I like the idea but the tempo of narrative is too slow I think and targets are too high. But nice work anyway!

Very good looking game!

I really liked it, audio does most of the job also that there is no straight way to the target is very cool. Graphics are in some places better than in the others. Very good submission

Beautiful logo :)

Haha, we had very similar idea with the heartbeat. I love the fact that so simple objects were used and something playable was created. Good work

Nice idea, funny profiles, matching graphics style. Very nice execution. You'll for sure have lot of ratings and views cause of that minature hehe

Wow this game is beautiful! Wonderful execution. Fun idea though at some point it gets little bit too repetitive. I love the calm music theme in the background. Awesome piece of work

Some thoughts after playing: Characters are well designed, but whole environment feels a little bit messy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Level2 is unbeatable and Level1 is same as shown in the tutorial? Also audio in level2 mixes with audio from previous level. Generally I like the idea and graphics style very much but theres is big area for improvement. I hope you'll upgrade the game after jam I'd be happy to check it then.

Wow! Awesome amount of feedback, thanks!

This game is impossible to pass! Enemies are incredibly aggresive and there is tons of them. Attack cooldown is a little bit too long in my opinion. I mostly tried to run away to pass further but it was too difficult to finish. I may give it another try cause it was fun! Graphics,  maybe except  human characters, are very nice, I like environmental tiles most. Audio is also good, I like the background tune. I also liked the introduction with paper sounds and characters not showing all at once. Generally Nice game but I'd suggest scaling difficulty a little bit down, or introduce difficulty levels in the future. Cheers!

Thanks nice to hear that you liked it despite the issues. I will add checkpoints after jam probably as I think it's to big change to be accepted during jam submissions

Hi Caleb, I'll play your game as fast as I'll be able to and will put some feedback for sure :) meanwhile, consider playing my game thanks

Hey Pidibidi! Great suggestion with the Sprite Mask, I wanted to achieve something like you described but I didn't know how to make it and because of limited timeline I've sticked to flashing. Now I'll know that Sprite Mask is something to experiment in future games. Really cool that you appreciate the colour palette. I'm more programmer than artist but I really wanted to achieve that oldschool vibe in the game. Although making everything readable for the player in just few colors that was a big challenge to me! Thanks for the feedback it's really nice to read such comments.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I'll play your game as soon as I'll be able to.

Yes flashing is part of mechanics. Intro level has much slower flashing to introduce player to mechanics and main level has increasing flashing rate as player is getting close to the goal. I didn't exactly achieved heartbeat flashing effect as I intented but I wanted main level to be hard :) anyway thanks for playing and feedback. Cheers

And as I see I already played yours :D

Thanks! I'm Happy you enjoyed my game

Good idea, solid work, fun to play, keep it going!

Ratings and comments highly appreciated thanks!

Hey Snowy, I've submitted my game! But there is little chance that I'll be able to watch it live. Will it be available to watch records of the streams later? 

Hey, it will be cool if you would consider playing mine hello, please consider playing mine, thanks!