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Hello there! Really enjoyed the game <3 I'd like to contact you about a video I'm making. Is there any way to message you privately?

Thanks :D

Well if you could make some sort of goal (a #/per second goal or someting) and maybe make different fields and put some restrains on them (like you can only use 3 of a type of block) then you'll have a problem to overcome and it'll become a kind of puzzle game. That could be fun, it'd also help with the retention of the player I would feel :D

Hello there! What a cute game!! It's really nice. The controls where responsive and clear. The hitboxes were forgiving and the art and music is adorable! Except for one small bug that I couldn't recreate again, the game was running smoothly. Really nice job on this game, it's really good!

Hey there! I wanted to test out your game, but I couldn't open it! It showed the following error: 

"Error: Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing? If you've renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable's name (without the extension)."

Hope this helps and good luck!

Heya! First of all, BLACK ON DARK GRAY TEXT!?!?! Please change it to a lighter gray so the text becomes actually readable. That aside tho, holy moly what a nice game! Really simple, no explination required. The graphics are basic, but the post-processing makes it look lovely! Regarding the score, You might want to change the color of the score so it doesn't dissapear when it's on a wall or the player! Good Job!

Hello! I wanted to try out your game. I was kinda suprised that I could only walk(or at least that's what I think). You might need to make it more obvious what you can do and what the controls are! LOVE the artstyle though! It's very pretty. Also the music is slamming. Can't wait to see what you'll do with this.

Fun little game! Not inherently obvious what I should do, but easy enough to figure out on you own. Also really liked the art style. Really enjoyed that I made the music by placing the blocks. Even though I sucked at making a coherent song :p  I would suggest adding some form of goal to make the player driven to play the game more. Good job!

I bought most of them! I din't buy the pauze ability because I didn't fully understand how it worked xD

Really fun game! Got on top of the leaderboard with 68 B)

Really good game! My highscore was 184 :p

Thank you so much for playing my game!I still wanted to add animations, but stuff came up and I didn't have enough time. The idea of giving more feedback when you need to reload is very good, I'll definitely remember it for next time :D

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I would love to! However, when I try it says you can't be messaged. So sorry about the inconvenience!

Hello Rob! I've played your game and really liked it! I'd like to contact you about an indie spotlight video of curiosity. If you're interested, please respond and we'll start communications. Thank you for making your game!

Ofcourse! Hopefully you'll enjoy this little game

Hello there, I tried to play your game but I cant open the game file. Right now it is a .uproject file, you might want to try to compile it as an .exe. GOod luck

wait how is this a "You're on the naughty list" themed game?

BOOM! Highscore of 1200! Fun game, really enjoyable