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That's true, there's not much in the way of gameplay.

The web player download is there in case you don't want to download the enormous executable that Unity spits out when it compiles for Windows.

I would embed it in the game page itself, but it doesn't seem to work, and I would need someone to help me diagnose that. If you're experienced in troubleshooting Unity builds and itchio embeds, I'm all ears.

A restart button is a good idea.

Interesting. I never thought about it in terms of hitting the bird (i.e it's not a feature at present, but it would be simple to add).

After all, the bird pooping is one of the few things in the world mitigating your slow, inevitable sink into the ocean.

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You figured it out just fine. Chebastian's game is a not-so-subtle commentary on the limitations of hardware (and, perhaps, indeed, about our limitations as human beings).

You see, the GameBoy is a fully-featured handheld console: In addition to the d-pad and start / select buttons, it also has an A and a B button.

Sadly, however, the GameBoy has no Y button. So you can never be a better person.


It's a conceptually interesting recreation of Angry Birds, although the mechanisms can be a bit... creative, at times. Additionally, the birds are not angry, faithful to the GAME IDEA.

Good job! I rate it a full ░ out of ░ .

Here's my entry: