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Harry Light

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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! Yeah that was a bit of an issue when building a game in a resolution of 72x72, it got kind of hard to make fluid platform movement. Haha

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Thanks! The theme of scarcity fits into the story, it's based on my experience trying to get a nintendo switch at launch.

I got 61 seconds with 7 deaths lol

Thank you! I love cowboy bebop haha

Woah thank you! I am glad you liked it!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you!

it looks great!

I have succeeded 

Yeah the concept is really cool tho! Had a lot of fun up until bugs haha

Yeah man haha grenade jumping is probably my favorite game mechanic of all time, especially in team fortress classic.

No problem, the art is great by the way!

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Fun game!

Wow man this game is awesome!!! I love everything about it, the art the gameplay the audio, all stellar! I have one question, are these 3D models or is it faux-3D achieve by stacking 2D sprites?

Yo this is awesome! This is the best game I've played so far for the Heart Jam! I love the grenade jumping mechanic that is my favorite part!

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I don't think wasd was a good choice of keys for this. You should have done asdf because they are in a straight line. 

love the air escaping effect!

Love the music! Unfortunately I am running into this bug where I cant get passengers to board the ship..

i won

Woah thanks!! I'm glad you liked it haha. Yeah man next time you are in traffic you know what to do now!

its really easy to go outside the map

Haha great! I am glad you had fun.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game, it means a lot! Also if you believe hard enough you can drive like that in rush hour, that's what I do!

Thank you! Yeah this game was based on my experience trying to find a Nintendo switch on launch day, waking up super early and trying to get to the store in time. I was the exact last person in line to get a blue and red joycon model which is what I wanted. And I'm glad you liked the driving stage! That part makes me laugh haha. Glad you enjoy the game!

Are you looking at "Ratings" ?

Yes that is how you get out of bed! It was meant to reflect the difficulty of getting out of bed in real life haha. I'm glad you liked the art and the game! Unfortunately my long experience with platforming games leads me to improperly judge difficulty. Also my fever clouded a bit of judgement throughout this Jam haha.

Thanks! Honestly I was worried whether or not this would be good. I think I was just exhausted from the fever, but I am glad to hear you enjoyed it! Now I know nearly killing myself this weekend was worth it haha.

Woah thank you!

You can update everything on the page aside from re uploading the game itself. You can change the description, change all the screenshots whatever you want, you just cant reupload the game.


Thank you!

Love the idea!

Working on all the little details! Still have a lot left to do but I'm hoping to get everything done in time. I have never made a game like this before!

How do you do this so fast? The jam is only half over and you are already submitting! Haha

thats a cool idea! but I ended up going with a much more story driven approach, and a totally different game!


check out this gif haha


I mean if it's not I still have time to make something else haha.. I'm just conflicted here.

i meant the other guy lol

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Do it

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