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"That's what you are asking about more or less, right? "

It is, yeah. I think the ideal process would be to export as a png with transparency already in place. That way, there's no steps in the middle with Photoshop or Pllustrator. It would speed workflow and let people who don't have image editing ability to still use the tools together.

Thanks so much for making this cool generator.

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If you're not aware, your fantastic generator has recently been picked up by the Wonderdraft community to create  extra spiffy city maps. Here's a video detailing the current process: He's exporting a png and working in Photoshop, but exporting an svg and working in Illustrator is actually easier.

Either way, both processes have a slowdown because they have to manually remove the background and water from each image. If the City Generator had the option to only export certain layers, it would make it a much more streamlined process. That way we could kick out a png with transparency from the City Generator, and import it directly into Wonderdraft. No extra programs or editing knowledge needed.

It's a fantastic and easy to use app, I just wanted to toss in my suggestion for improvement.