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this is wonderful I love slimes and slime girls and this is absolutely awesome, because of you I think I'll be making some more literally game poems too

finally a new way to indulge in my animistic slimegirl tendencies

these are wonderful. I have recently begun writing poetry, realized I had a knack for it and am now reevaluating my relationship with what I previously considered to be my greatest passion and talent; reading the poems of someone who has walked away from poetry but seemingly retained its influences and some affinity for it is giving me an interesting perspective on my current predicament.

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This game is extremely good. I appreciate the elegant simplicity in the core mechanics and the careful attention to pacing. The music also makes it easy to go forward. A way to have notes aside from the lines themselves would have been welcome, as I often find myself working backwards in the 1-only levels, but everything else is perfect.

they caved.

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Really cute game! I tried to get it to go from 0 to 0 in one shot (65536 score) and I went too far and just crashed the game instead lol. Really fun stim toy :)