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I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm not sure what happened that led to these two issues, but I'll into them soon. The next version will include a Debug Menu that will allow you to skip sections of the game, so hopefully this will help you progress without frustration if an issue comes up. Thank you for your patience. The game is still a work in progress. Best of luck!

Feel free to look at the Walkthrough. Chances are you need to talk to Yvon & persuade him, OR you need to look in the archives on the 3rd floor on the bottom right. Good luck!

Glad you enjoyed yourself! ;)

The save files aren't compatible with different versions of the game for the moment.

Glad you enjoyed yourself. I'll be looking into tweaking how the robot section feels in the near future.

I get ya. Might have some funny stories to tell about why things ended up this way later once the game is released.

Thank you so much. Also, props to you for going through Wine to play my game. I'm flattered. Take care!

Dutifully noted. Glad you enjoyed your experience so far!

I happy to hear that! The next build will have a debug menu with a Chapter Select feature. Hopefully this will fix your issue. ^^

Thank you so much! I'm curious, what did you find strange? :0

Please, don't feel like an idiot. The next build will have a debug menu with a Chapter Select feature. Hopefully this will fix your issue. ^^ Glad you enjoy the game so far. ;P

Yes! On friday

gotcha gotcha

;) Alpha 1.0 next week

It might just be that this part of the game isn't properly balanced yet. Thank you for playing!

Hey Ana_22,

Thank you for checking on the update! Can you let me know where you are in the game? Did you just leave the dinning hall after removing the paintings? (If so, check up on Lloyd.) As for the map, its pretty outdated. I need to fix the assets.


Hi MidnightEyes,

I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. Your comments are very kind. I've just finished writing the ending & am incredibly excited to finally reveal it to everyone in two weeks!

Thank you for your support,
- Harmless

Thank you so much! Your encouragement means a lot.

As for the bug, the build coming out this week already solves this issue.

Thank for playing!

Hey Jordan,

I've already been made aware of these issue & will be resolving them in future builds.

Thank you for reporting these bugs & for playing.


Thank you for playing!

My pleasure! Hope the rest of the playthrough goes well!

Thank you so much!! I've seen your playthrough & I'm glad you've enjoyed the game! Feel free to post your following videos here. Cheers!

Hi SaeyoungChoi707,
Sorry about the save file bug, I'm working on it. Glad you enjoyed the game though.
Thanks for playing!

Hey ScarletSharkie, thanks for keeping us updated with your letsplay! Ill watch it as soon as I get home. Alpha 1 should be ready soon! After that, I'll be tackling a few of the bugs players have pointed.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! Feel free to post the rest of your videos. ;)

Hi Kikispears,

I'm really sorry about the save file. I've been having issues with it (a few bugged areas cause saving to glitch. I believe the next build will have these issues fixed.) 



As for the Walkthrough, yes, that's normal. The Ghost's Bow will be added in the next build. Hold Responsible is available if you've selected the first upgrade instead of the second.

Thanks for playing & I'm happy you enjoyed yourself,
- Harmless

You're completely right, This will be added in the Pre-Alpha 4.5 build (Which is being released on the 16th.) Thank you very much for your kind comment. I'm working hard to have the Alpha 1 completed & released asap.

Hi Ana,

It should be fixed though I can't confirm. If there still is an issue, I'll be doing some deeper digging after the alpha is complete.

[Spoiler answers below]

As for Ivan, if you're talk about after the robots start attack, you can't reach him. Pre-Alpha 4.1 (coming out tomorrow) will have more content past the 4th floor lab area.

Hi Demi, Yes, I've already been made aware of it. I'll be working to fix those bugs after the alpha. Thank you for playing & glad you enjoyed yourself!

Thanks again! Your videos have really helped me pin point certain issues I need to fix in the gameplay. Looking forward to the next video ^^ Cheers!

That's very strange. Thanks for reporting it, I'll fix it up in the Alpha.

Thank you so much! Have you pressed enter or space on the "off commission" file you wanted to save on?

Yeah, I've been having trouble with some of the save points. It's a bug. Should be fixed soon. Once the Alpha is out, I'll add tools to skip parts of the game if ever this sort of bugs shows it nose again. Very happy you enjoyed yourself! I'll keep working hard! Cheers~

Looking forward to showing it off ;)

I can't promise anything since most of bug fixing will happen after Alpha 1.0 is out. My hands are full at the moment. Regardless, there will be a new build on the 2nd of august I believe (With more content). Trying to get Alpha 1.0 done by October. 

Hard to say, which version of the game are you playing & on what operating system? (Alpha 1.0 might be out by October, nothing confirmed yet though)

Thanks, Awesome! Feel free to post the rest of your lets-play here. The videos are great!

I'm not supporting Itch App Sandbox at the moment, sorry :c

Weird. Im pretty sure its normal that maps 91 & 92 would be missing, but i don't understand why the game still refers to them. I'll into it. As for the other dialogue box, yeah that probably a note for myself that I forgot. Haha oups! ;)

Thanks! I'll be patching up spelling mistakes soon.