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Oups, my bad. I forgot to lockout the rest of the game. (Anything after Yvon should be considered unfinished content.) These aren't bugs as much as they are unfinished game elements. I'll be posting a new version fixing these soon. Thank you for playing!~ I hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm currently looking into this issue. Should be fixed in the next build 


Thanks for the report, I'll look into it.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed "Lockheart Teal" :P


Glad you enjoyed it! The hallway bug has already been fixed in the next version. I'll look into the volume bug, this is the first time I hear of this.  Thank you for the bug reports!

First off, I want to thank you for your enthusiasm. I take it to heart. I'll jot down the issues with the phone & try to patch them soon. I'm curious to know which spoiler you're talking about. Do you mean the later scene with Yvon? Thanks again for playing!
- Harmless

Thanks for reporting the bug! We're on it.

I'm glad to hear! I'm tweaking the mechanics of the game at the moment. Once that's done, I'll be writing and revising the plot for the rest of 2018. We'll see after that. Cheers!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm doing my best to get the game at Alpha & Beta state quickly. For feedback, do you mind telling me what you enjoy (or don't) about the game? Thank again!

Thanks! My illustrating co-worker is very talented & I was super excited to work with him this game-jam. (He actually tired himself out making the art... :S) Wish I had found the time to give the enemy AI a revamp, would have helped. Cheers!

Maybe one of our plugins? I'll look into the access issue. Thanks for the heads-ups!

Thanks! Same goes for you bro!

Thanks! I saw the bug when we had 3 hours left before submission ended...  O3O"

Thank you!

Believe it or not, RPG Maker MV is our engine! ✨



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I'm keeping track of all the on-going Let's Plays here!
If you're releasing a Let's Play, feel free to post it here, as it makes it easier for me to share on Facebook, Discord, and etc.

Thanks a lot, I really appriciate it! I shared your video in our discord chatroom. Cheers!