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This hurt to watch, you're on

you had us in the first half, not gonna lie

thanks! one or two of the combinations could've been better admittedly haha, but im glad you liked it! im defo gonna go back over it once the jam's over and patch up some of the larger bugs and stuff, and more to the point clear up some of the art assets lol 

thanks for playing!!!

for sure! once the jam's over ill probably go back over it and patch out all the many, many things that don't work lol

and yeah ill check yours out haha

I've seen it:)))))) thank you for playing!!


So someone just made a speedrun of my game?! They successfully did an any% speedrun of Decrafted (which by the way you can play here: PLUG PLUG PLUG) in 25:77 seconds.

I don't know how to feel right now

ok challenge accepted

Is this for real? lmao $500 is $500

sure lol

Yeah i gotchu, when I go back to it after the jam I'll probably add a hint system or something that shows you available combos so that you can keep playing after you get stuck. Thanks for playing it!

haha yeah i sort of forgot what i named it in the game and i was like "hey i named it something the reverse of crafting so like, decrafted or something, right? that was it" >nope lol. Thanks for playing!

Is it a political statement about the state of our society? Perhaps.

Was it a sheer coincidence? I'll never tell

I'm glad you liked it! I got a bit screwed by scheduling nonsense so some of the combinations were a bit dubious in retrospect, but I'm gonna go back to it after the jam is finished and patch everything up :) Thanks for playing!

That's a good idea - after the jam is over I'll probably switch it up so that unavailable items aren't visible. Thanks for the feedback!

haha that was the rough idea! im glad it came through

That's a sign that it hasn't downloaded all of the files, it might be worth reopening the zip file or redownloading it :)

As an addendum to this, I added a partial list of recipes, including all the ones required to win the game, here - but in the future release this will just be ported straight into the game.

It's definitely original and adheres to the theme! It looks lovely, the controls handle perfectly, the only issue is I found myself getting a bit lost - as you say, it probably would have benefitted from an ingame tutorial, but really that's the only criticism I can level at it. It's a decent cooking game, gg chief

That's a fair shout, I wanted to include a hint system of some kind but sort of ran out of time before I had an opportunity to implement it, haha - I'm pleased you liked the idea though, I'm definitely going to go back and go over it again once the jam's over to improve it. THanks for playing it!

Sure, sounds like a plan! Mine is called Decrafted, its an inverse crafting game where the objective is to try and craft your way down to as few items as possible - ideally, only one - from a larger inventory of items.

I'll check yours out right now!

So I managed to build a WebGL version but it won't let me upload it until the jam is over -,- sorry boss

This is a really clever game! There are a couple of problems I had with it; the movement felt a bit too floaty like the characters were constantly moving on ice, and at one point I seem to have found a hole in the map that causes you to fall forever, but that aside it's a really cool idea! With more time this could be a full length thing very easily

The biggest mistake of mine was not renaming the items from their sprite IDs, which I did to get around having to give each of them an individual name and save myself critical minutes at the last moment - turns out the sprites had stupid names like "planmt" for "plant" etc. but I don't think it gets too much in the way of the game lmao

Here it is anyway, it's called Decrafted - it's an inverse crafting game about attempting to go from multiple items down to just one:

I'll check out yours too!

It doesn't have WebGL at the moment, but I'll try and put a WebGL version together!

haha yeah fair enough, it's a bit on the fiendishly challenging side lmao - nice fan art though, thanks so much ! i hope you liked it everything else being equal haha

This is a really nice looking game, the premise is easy to understand, the gameplay is easy to learn, I think this is great. The movement could do with being sped up just a little bit and at some points it's not as challenging as perhaps it could be, but as a game jam submission this is amazing

Damn those are some fine shaders - I'll boot it up real fast and try it out!

Mine is Decrafted, an inverse crafting game the objective of which is to try and craft your way down to one item rather than up to as many as possible. Slightly buggy and some of the names don't work but otherwise everything seems to be A-Ok and I'm happy with how it turned out:

That's a really neat idea!

My game, Decrafted, is essentially the inverse of a crafting game, the usual objective of which is to craft as many items as possible; instead, the objective is to craft the items down so that there is only one left. 

Here's mine: 

haha i had no idea that combination worked lmao i thought that was a rock XDDD it was slightly rushed ill confess, but im glad you liked it lol

A neat game! It hits the premise pretty well, the art style is nice and it's pretty addicting tbf - I got about as far as 63 points before needing to stop lmao

I liked it! The art style is really nice looking, the premise fits neatly with both the theme of the jam and with the thematic tones of the game, and the puzzles were challenging and fair - all in I really liked it, I can't really think of anything I can criticise

There's a lot of threads talking about rating swapping which is totally legit and I'm 100% down, and I've been taking part myself, but to switch gears for a sec: what submissions have you seen so far by others that you really like?

I'll go first: so far I really like enoc by That's Boring, the art style is really neat, the premise is cool, and the time limit is a nice addition that adds an additional, fair layer of difficulty to what's already quite a challenging experience.

I'm also a massive fan of the premise of Detective Whodunit by FredCham, a game where you have to find clues by taking the personalities of the various actors in the tableaux of crime that you're trying to unravel, there are a couple of puzzles that I couldn't work my head around but it looks incredible and the underlying idea is really clever.

Jordan Han's Flight of the Electrodud is also one that I really like, it's an endless runner with only one button, the art style is slick, it's fast paced enough to keep you on your feet, there's a clear victory state and all in all you can tell a lot of heart went into the design.

I love the art style and simplistic gameplay of Scario88's Cyan, a platformer with only one colour and only one powerup where you lose certain abilities once you power up but can't complete the level until you do, it creates a neat dichotomy of gameplay that requires you to plan in advance before making certain moves and I like the strategic elements of it.

Have you found any you really like? Have you played any of the ones I'm posting about? Let me know!

Hey, it happens. I'm just happy I managed to finish something in time :) I appreciate it, I loved yours too! your art style is so cool :)

I made a crafting game where the objective is to craft your way down to only one item rather than up to as many as possible:

I'll check yours out too!

Try ShareX! It's free and it works pretty well, it allows you to make gifs out of your entire monitor or just a window or something depending on what you want:

I really love the premise of this game, not to mention the fact that the art style was really neat looking - the last level with the ground pound lava boys was super frustrating but in a good, "I'm bad at puzzle games" kind of way rather than a "rr game design" kind of way which is perfect so good game brother HH

Sure! I was originally going to make a mixology game where the objective was to create this one drink that wouldn't immediately poison whoever drinks it - because you're a New York bartender in a seedy part of town suffering with a medieval curse - but on the last day of the jam all my files corrupted and I lost everything lmao 

I was planning at that point to give up and not enter anything because I had a long shift at work that day, but while I was there I had an idea for a game I could put together in the three hours I'd have available called Decrafted, where the objective is to do the inverse of a crafting game - craft until you go down to only one item so that you win!

It's kinda buggy but the premise is there and the core systems work and I'm happy I was able to enter something despite the odds, and here it is:

I'm glad you managed to finish something too! I'm sorry things haven't been great, but I'm sure there's something better around the corner. I'll check out your game real fast :)

nah its all g gamer, live and learn :) the game's really good, keep it up

in seriousness though I'm glad you liked it :))