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Thank you for the feedback, and it's nice that you enjoy it. We will make sure to fix it by the next update.

Nice game!

Nice game, the ghost sound is funny. Also if the platform is moving together with the background, it will be better. Right now, it still feels like the player is standing still instead of running

Nice game, the wall climbing is pretty neat

Good game, but the spinning make me dizzy, I even see this page spinning too @.@

Nice game, since the images are completely different, it is easy to distinguish them. I manage to get full score

Ah... okay. It is just too low for me to hear

Good game considering this is your first time. The art too is amazing. Though, I have to check each door one by one which is pretty tiring

Awesome game, the ghost is cute too

Awesome game, the graphic is gorgeous and perry is really cute!

Nice game, but it is hard to change the mechanic while moving

Awesome game!

Good game, just a bit too short

Hm... how do I play unitypackage

Nice game

Hm... attacking with mouse is better I think, I am lost for a bit on how to attack

Good job, yes I agree with running being the default


Uwaaaaa this is awesome!

Nice game, but the marble is really hard to control

Nice game and concept. But I think the resolution or window position is a bit off, I can't see the buttons at the start clearly, nor the dialogues.

Nice game! It reminds me of guitar hero. Also it will be better if there is a score or an end to it

Thank you so much

I will!

Hahaha yes, that is not much info on that part


Glad you like it!

It's pretty hard to make the dialogues actually

Thanks, glad you like it

Thank you! I will of course

Thank you for playing!

Hahahaha, girlfriend is a myth after all

Nice game, but pressing the buttons for a call is a bit a chore

Nice one, but the jump I think is better when on pressed instead of released

Nice game and concept, it'd be better if we can move the camera below so we can see the enemy

Good job on making it. It is just feels like there is not much content

Awesome game, loves the art. It is just too short