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only some. and only by a little bit.

nothing is worse than pentium. NOTHING


it runs just fine on fantastic even on my laptop, a intel pentium 4 gig RAM windows 10 64 bit.

all the things you want except multiplayer and IAPs will be probably added in Beta 6 aka "Steam Update". SR is tying to get the steam greenlight rite now. so, hang tight! Its gonna take while for steam to release it. might wanna vote for its greenlight for quicker release.

how doyou speeell

lol. that gives you the money wrench

hold the trackpad with two fingers at the same time or hold down both clicker things on the mouse and hold. pretty sure.

right click and hold.

yeh, we should have options for PvE and PvP yet still have the singleplayer option. that would be the best.

well, i agree to the minigun or m60 or m240 or something like that, but if there is no barrel cooldown for weapons, im afraid it would be way too overpowered. second, instead of a jeep, why not mount a 37mm gun on the inflatable landing craft? that thing needs some love. and a close range city map would be good, but realllllly laggy.

Boi, you hold ctrl and click the two files. THEN you extract. you probably just extracted one file. not the executable where the actuall commands are held.