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I like to drop the soap 😉

so he is as well a lier

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1 I want 

2 I forgive u

go away? I'm sorry I thought this was America 

as i said many times he is fucking cringe and im not subbing because his name is dani

I probably  only played 20 games on this website 

And so far this is the most boring one 

I would say why your wrong but that would be 1000 pages long

this is why i dont like it the poeple who are comming here and you are like watch dannis video bitch i dont give a shit about him i care about the game and its shit 



I find joy I n it

Patrick speaks straight facts 

and the cycle continues lets hope this never ends.

its easy its hard depending on the game engine un

send me a screenshot of me saying stead 

I love the people that say stop hating  it makes you sound 7 lol

I be more aggressive then

side with me ❤

daddys back u miss me ❤

if it's going on stead its going to be a demo

No that makes no sense theres thousands of games that are release to steam that are just finished products if he already uploaded it to ich he might as well just fucking make the game before he uploads it to steam 

ok good news I have found information  so for a recap 

The game in beta 

It's his first 3d game

That's all I can remember feal free to comment things that we discussed 

ok keemskar 

no u

sorry for being a retarded checker but someone already said that can you read 🤔

so making  a post is toxic and trying to have a discussion is toxic??? Okay you do you 


yep I did 

depending on the game engine 

(1 edit)

ok so if i say drew a painting for the first time and posted it to the internet are people not allowed to criticize it saying bad stuff  in a nice way will help them improve so before you make  an angry comment about someone criticising it maby think oh maby this will help him 



So Your not allowed to say bad things about developers But its ok to say bad things about  Bethesda

You are least making sense and have a good argument  U get a 7/10

Because There not listening to what I am saying its probably because I am bad at wording it or they just want to protect there Favorite YouTube 

To get my point across and my point is that this game does not deserve to be on the front page 

so your telling me this developer can publish a game and i cant publish a unfinished sentence seams legit

oh is it because i do not have this in beta


insert video here 

Na fuck of i aint watching his shit video and his aids protecting his unfinished shit game if hes bissy he should not release it yet 

Cool good for you Maby send your work just in case the dev see this discussion 


But I was having so much fun ):