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thank you!!!

so awesome im obsessed

A heartbreaking game when you need a good cry

Are you 100% sure?

A good RPG game about parenting, school, and wood

The drawings are really cute! Also using arrow keys to move around is such a brave decision, especially when WASD is like the standard of the industry. This sends a powerful message.

This is so pretty... I really liked the little jump sparkle vfx and the spiral-shaped light thing.


Thanks for playing!

It is a common error. You can refer to this forum to fix it :)

To begin with, I wouldn't say I like the rubric with scores from 0 to 4. Because you could do 1 to 5 and even if I write a poor response at least I will not get a 0. This is very important for my self-esteem. I don't want to get a 0 in any video game because I can never imagine myself losing. 

Also, I would say that the game is trying to gatekeep non-English speakers because everything is in English and the players need to comment in English. So one way to improve is definitely to add a link to Google Translate in your game so people from different cultural backgrounds can at least try to enjoy the game. 

However, I am an Irasutoya head so I have to give 10/10 to every single game using Irasutoya assets. So the game is fine. Definitely will recommend it to my friends and family if the game is available in 200 languages.

Thank you so much <3

thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing :))))

Let’s don’t talk about this anymore T T

I passed my test because I begged really hard

Games with IK systems are the best games

The amount of work put into this is beyond my imagination

I dont want to be a feather anymore

The little present guys are so cute

Love the diversity of the characters.Veggie soups are the best soups.

The boss is so mean. I like the feeling of pushing things around it just feels so satisfying to me to push a giant object into the pit. Also one time I pushed the wrong item but it still worked I guess the boss is not paying attention afterall.

Gravity is so cool

The blue fruit that slows time is cool

Amazing Game! I am speedrunning this on stream next Thursday, stay tuned!!

Simple yet very effective. Beautiful piece!

I get offended because you let me press E for Freedom instead of F

I wanted to see it so bad and did not get to see it and I realized there is no way I can play this at home because I have no wii controller, so im depressed.

Really good stuff on the feel and design of the game. It's so satisfying when everything falls to the ground when I complete a level. I really  really want the home and exit game buttons to be inside a drop-down menu (I clicked exit game by accident).

I dont have a controller hooked to my PC so I played with my hitbox controller pretty fun actually. 

Big thank you for making a game that makes me play landscape editor when I go back home from my work editing landscape. Very fun, like being a god, big tempura fan.

The little saying goodbye in the end is nice

Although I get mad motion sickness when playing first-person games with unconventional controls. This game still keeps me playing for quite a long time. It just looks so damn good.

Very good character movement and control, I feel like there are so many more things you can further develop on this.

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Hey, the visuals and color palette are awesome. Many people use pixelated 3D graphics in cringe ways, but what you are doing is so on the spot. More people need to recognize how good the game looks!!!

There needs to be a DLC

This game is really good. I really like the flower finger!!!! I totally smashed my computer to quit.