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keep up the good work! hope to see more thanks!

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hi there! the model is free to use as you wish, just ask that you credit me for my work(Tyler Burgess)! thanks and have fun, also would like to see what you come up with!


not much of an artist? .... umm, looks pretty good to me

Yep, pretty new to me too , I've only done 3 or 4 and they were all the same month, but I was bored lol. :) btw, I uploaded a new version of my game, I changed a fair bit of stuff, and it might be even harder now lol, but I seem to have fixed prior issues. :)

well, yours is in first, I assume u won lol!

well, I posted on here this morning, but I guess it did not I'll try again!., Congrats man, great job on your game, you did an awesome job! :)

thanks jupi! I will take a look

Lol! Nice job! I knew you would get it!

Thanks soo much for your input, I'm thrilled to hear people are starting to enjoy stuff i make! :)

Sooo.... you found the energy bug lol... The one bug I knew was there, but was stumped how to fix it(Your solution is appreciated!)

As for the energy reset for a new screen.., I opted out of this idea because my thought was it would be too easy, My thinking was that because it was a short game, the player would have to fail a few times to learn the "levels" Maybe I could add a small bit and see how that goes?

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I will try and update this as soon as I can, I'm a bit under the weather the last couple days ,so I'm not doing alot atm., Check back soon! :)

Very, very good job! Everything worked smooth and as expected(except the level loader)This was a creative take on 2 very popular old games, very good combination! Hope you stick around for the next jam!

Hey Thanks for participating in the jam! I like your entry, interesting gameplay you chose.  The control of the ship was a bit counter intuitive for me, but I'm a bit backwards myself ;) Maybe have the ship steer with the mouse? Any way great job, I hope you join the next one too! :)

Great work on this game! Simple controls, and nice sounds! Thanks for taking the time to participate :)

Hope we can do more again soon!

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Hey everyone! Thanks to all who played CockaDoodle Crossing!

I Have uploaded the updated game, try it out leave, me a comment thanks.

Updates v02;

Chicken moves faster

Score values changed from 15(just a random number I used before) to 1 point per crossing.

Difficulty increased(I.E.. faster Traffic )(maybe too hard now??) need more feedback from you!

Sound levels slightly increased.

Levels renamed.

No more slow loading times(fade screen removed) game starts much faster now.

anything else I forgot to mention, will be added as it comes to me! Thanks for reading!


oh man I appreciate that!, I thought it would be terrible, but my kids enjoy it and it seems some others do too! Thank you for commenting and playing, I appreciate all feedback, good or bad! :) And thanks for hosting a fun jam, I wish I had more time to do nicer art, but I got a lot going lately! I wanted to have something that was playable and as bug free as I could manage in a short time!

Welcome to the group!! It's very nice to have you aboard. 

Thats why I made this jam, I am still learning lots myself, and I want others to create and learn in their game building process.

If you haven't already, come join us on Discord, you can share your progress or get some help from others!

Thanks for joining, hope you stick around!

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Hey, I just uploaded my entry for NESMaker Hype Jam! It is made using NES restrictions(colors, controls, etc..) It is a survival/strategy game, You control a boy who has been left behind by his brother, your job is to navigate your way to home, while collecting food to stay alive, as every move you make burns energy that needs replacing! Collect coins and other items along the way to boost your score, How many points can you get?

Come give it a try! Thanks! :)

Thanks a lot man, glad u had fun :)

thanks dude, interesting concept! Thanks for participating

Thanks for your submission, but what game did you base this off of?

I am in the process of updating this game. Not sure of all the changes yet, but object pooling will be the first to be added. This will make for a much smoother playing experience! Check back for more updates as they happen!

good work, I'm a bit sensitive to certain camera settings in some games, and this one is no exception. Aside from the that, you did a good job! I like the menu!

hey man you got no ratings yet, ill give it a try!

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Thank you very much for an honest review! Much appreciated :) I agree 100 percent with the long fade-in, but there is a simple reason behind it...(keep in mind I am still learning) It was the easiest way I could think of to let the game get up to speed(have vehicles already driving across the screen, so when level starts you don't see an empty street) also,  if the player was able to start right away, he could just run across the empty scene.

So that's the reasoning , maybe not the best, but when I'm under pressure all common sense seems to disappear, lol!

But again, thanks for playing!! And check my page once in a while, might be something else interesting there :)

Enjoy! :)

Hahahaha! great answer

Thanks everyone who came to participate! This is my first Jam hosting, so bear with me as I get used to all this!(I'm an old man, give me a break!) 

If you haven't already, please come join the rest of us at discord!

Thanks for looking!

I just uploaded my version of an atari 2600 game "Freeway". It was made in 4 days for a current game jam. There is a downloadable for PC or one to play in web browser. Let me know what you think!

The goal is to get as many chickens across the road as possible.

Downloadable -

Web -

Thanks leafo, I been trying to figure this out, can't believe I did not see the delete post link!

looks awesome! artwork is very nice 

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Hi everyone! I am new to all this stuff, but I have just uploaded my first game I would appreciate some feedback from you guys and gals about things I could fix or do better!

The game is called Brik-n-Ball, it is based off the old breakout games(yeah, I know another breakout game but give it a try, I am still learning!)

There are 4 levels, each having a lot of bricks to break and there is a way to make your own levels with most any paint program! Anyway, thanks for reading this and hopefully trying my game! Happy Gaming!!