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This visual novel is interesting, with action and loveable characters. I'm happy how the MC is written because half of the time they are compeletly useless in visual novels. But here the MC has emotions and is kinda relatable. I really loved the different way this visual novels goes with stats (even tho it's hard to get correct stats). I can't wait to read the rest of the visual novel. It's obvious you've used a lot of time to make this visual novel, because the music is amazing, beautiful character art and detailed backgrounds.

//Also Aurelius is sooo askksaka yes.

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Hii. Just wanna say that I got Sheldom ending at 1st try and it made me cry because it said I was worth of something... Hahah lol  i'm not one of those butthurt people, so I'm just gonna inform that thanks and I'm going to sleep and get nice sleep rather than go to sleep deprived to school~~  <3 pls guys don't take this game so seriously ok, yeah it's not masterpiece and i'm never gonna come back but it's good wakeup call