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I like the concept a lot - the idea that you have to pick a name for an object and then use that name consistently sounds progressively frustrating in a good way.

Downloaded this for later - love the vibe.

I very much enjoyed your backstory and the mini games embedded within! http://pyramidifblog.blogspot.com/2016/06/two-quick-boyd-discoveries.html

That's cool, but I'm mainly curious if my PP email would be visible to the general public and compromise my online persona/pseudonym with my real-world name. Sorry if my original question was phrased confusingly.

Was just curious about allowing donations in the future. I have a PP account that is to my "real" email address. If I want to keep my online pseudonym separate from my real identity, should I somehow set up a different PayPal account, or would people even be able to see the destination email when they donate?

Lynnea Glasser (XYZZY winning IF author) is planning to stream some BOYD games live on Twitch:

Tomorrow at 4pm Central, I'm going to twitch stream #BringOutYourDead #intfic (RNG playlist)


"Tomorrow" being 6/24. I suspect she won't have time to get to everything and will primarily focus on adventure/IF entries. Twitch will hold a stream in archive to re-watch for about two weeks after the fact, so make sure you check in soon if you miss the live broadcast.

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The Inform 7 site has a list of different interpreters for glulx/blorb files. There are several different ones and people often switch depending on the game and their preferences.


On the github site for Gargoyle, you can hit the green "Clone or Download" button, and then "Download Zip" and it should give you the install file like you're expecting it.

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I got to the third set of stairs, then got stuck in a gap and quit. I plan to play more of it.

The design owes to Portal, and I really dig the ambience. I have always wanted the game that lets you explore Escher-like environments with odd physics. Antichamber was close but not quite. There was another 3D game that played with perspective in the sense of you initially think you're in a normal sized room, but as you walk it's a lot larger and a chair grows to the size of a mountain.

I like this sort of thing, so I appreciate your prototype a lot!

I've figured out how to move and jump. Can I pick things up, or only kick them around physically?

Are there any instructions or possibly a control key reference?