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I uploaded the mac version.

However, there is an unknown resolution bug that makes it difficult to play properly.

Fix may take a few days.

I will notify you again when it's fixed.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

Thank you for a good look at my ideas.

I hope you'll get interested in additional updates.

Thank you.

Thank you liked my game.

I will try to finish the game until the end.

Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in my game.

I 'll try to update the MAC version later this weekend after some update.

And let you know when it's updated

Thank you.

Thank you for playing my game.

LoneSurvivor will be updated regularly.

I look forward to your continued interest in the future.

Thank you.

게임을 하면서 저도 모르게 호흡에 집중하게 되네요 

명상의 느낌이 살아있는 같습니다

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thank you for playing my game.

and It's on working so 

I would appreciate it if you play  again later.

[Walkthrough ]

1. talk to your co-worker and check what they want.

2. find your computer and do your tasks.

3. return and tell them.

4. report to chief.

[Incoming features]

1. Multi ending according to 

    a. stress 

    b. teamwork

2. Additional  rooms

    a. cafeteria

    b. restroom

3. Npc dialogs and reactions