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I was blown away by the atmosphere and vibe from this game. I had some serious RE7 vibes. Nice game! Played it last in my 3 Horror Games

This game was a borderline rage game for me lol. I enjoyed it but there were some glitches that made it tough. I killed them though :D I loved the music. Played it second in my 3 Horror Games

I really thought there was a great concept in this game and interesting mechanic

. I enjoyed it!!

Gosh, I wish it was longer or had a sequel. Was really interested in the lore. Really good game! 

Holy moly. Wow, I didn't expect this game to be this scary lol. It was really well made and had great pacing! I did a play-through of it in my 2 Horror Games video. 

I couldnt beat it because I got scared lol. But its the second game I played in my "2 Horror Games"

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I had a really good time playing your game. I was honestly terrified leading up to the big scare. I played it first in this video. Thank you, developer :)