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really loved the music and atmosphere, I know im like a thousand years late but great work!

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boy, does this unnerve me. i absolutely adore the overall look of the game and goddamn is the ambience/audio direction perfect. the gameplay and visuals really do throw me back to the psx era, and the SFX are all so lovely. brilliant atmosphere, really kept me feeling very uncomfortable. all in all, great work!!

i thought i'd type out some thoughts/things i noticed!

things i thought might be intentional
-player can still be hurt while climbing through the hole in the wall
-in some rooms/zones time feels as though it's been sped up

little things:
-maybe assign ESC to leave the inventory menu? just something i kept accidentally doing!
-while mashing the E key to enter a room only finding it to be locked/blocked, the prompted messages stacked over each other and wouldn't let me move unless i dismissed them all!
-allow us to skip cutscenes;;
-can still open the inventory screen during cutscenes

i loved this and i really truly cannot wait for more. youre extremely talented and I'll be waiting with bated breath for updates/a full version!! those things are definitely going to be in my dreams tonight :'D

hey no problem! i'd prefer for you to prepare yourself for the steam release than have a potentially awkward/mis-timed one ^^ take care of yourself, can't wait to see more!

The audio mixing is A+. great game