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There was no clear connection between my actions and things happening. I have no idea what the not-street-lamp objects were supposed to be (phones?) and the environment is boring and repetitive. There's a dead body across the street that's much more interesting!

When I received the picture of my door being unlocked I went back to check but there was no point. You really are just supposed to walk in a straight line at a snail's pace until the stalker or whatever gets you?

Not particularly scary as a game, just confusing and frustrating.

This game ate an hour and a half of my life. 90% of it is dialogue, almost none of which you can actively participate in. This dialogue is unskippable, by the way, and always has a weird pause at the end, even at the fastest reading speed. There's very little interacting with the environment either, apart from one puzzle that was just a bunch of red herrings until you found a date and simply input that to solve the puzzle (seriously, what was the numerology paper for?).

I counted 2 choices you could make, and i'm not sure if selecting a different option would have really made much of a difference. 

The slow pace and lack of engagement made the game less scary and more frustrating for me. I'm also fairly certain I'm missing several important story pieces, but the thought of playing through all that dialogue again is dissuading me from playing through it again to find out.

It's a shame, because it seems like there's a really interesting and complex story going on, but I wasn't able to get any definitive answers about anything. 

The style of storytelling you're using would fit better for a visual novel, or even a webseries of some sort imo. Video games are designed to accommodate player choices and interaction with the characters and environment, and you don't really get that for this game.

*Potential spoilers ahead, be warned*

Your chase scenes are way too finnicky. I barely managed Dumpling's and cannot get past the worms. It's a shame because your concept is really interesting and the art is phenomenal but if you can't forgive a single missclick of a key (or the keyboard/game not responding appropriately) without getting a game over, it makes it nigh impossible to advance.

Either slowing down the enemies or at least shortening how long you have to run from them would help. 

Also an overworld sprint function of some kind would be nice, especially when you're going through the same areas again (like leaving a character's house).

Other than that it's a very cool game! I love the contrast between the first and second playthroughs and the subtle but very obvious hints that something isn't right in the town.